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Talking about strip clubs

My name is Sugar Vegas…and it’s been exactly 2 years since my last confession. Yes, that’s what it feels like peeps, hitting this much neglected blog again for the first time since fall 2017. But, there’s a time for everything and I think the time to blog has come again, at least for me.

So, what has prompted me to write again? Hm a number of things actually – one or two of them, regarding strip clubs in SL. Like: how they are run, how people behave, what is expected of guests, and so on.

Some might have noted that the profiles of some very prominent SL house madams and escort’s have developed a slightly bitter or angry edge in their self presentations. Words like “not tipping is disrespectful” or “talking to girls without tipping is a waste of time” and some more direct. So now, we have a sex business world of “pay-up fucker, or else!”?

But – why all this bitterness? I mean, sex and flirting in an adult club is supposed to be fun and attractive, not a battleground. As far as I remember that is what it used to be, and the tippage was also rather good. OK, so I completely agree with the essential messages. People really need to start respecting sex workers everywhere, also in a virtual world.  Now I am also wondering how these bitter sounding messages might affect potential guests or customers. If it means people actually take the advice and start respecting sex workers it’s great. Does it make punters pay up? Frighten the cheap bastards enough to make them stop wasting girls time? Or – does it scare people away? Turn potential clients off completely? Then sending out this types of messages have a total opposite effect of what was intended. I really cannot say which of these are correct, and it would be interesting to hear what some of the most popular club owners and Madams in SL have to say about it.

It has often been said mainstream strip clubs are cultural twilight zones where nasty guys who may not be so hot with the ladies in the regular world can get pretty girls for fight for their attention because of tips. Personally, I have always preferred to regard myself a courtesan rather tan hooker, and the clubs a demimonde of the more elegant sort – but damn, those places are hard to find. This means, i have done my far share of work in the before mentioned twilight zone. And yes, I have had my share of nasties.

Are strip clubs the playground for assholes and losers who wants to punish pretty girls? Girls they would never have a chance with in any other place? Working in an SL strip Club has at times made me more miserable than i thought possible in a virtual world. But – it has at times also made me very happy, not to mention rich. Because yes, there are generous people, and there are people who love the dynamics of erotic RP and who do respect what a courtesan is, what she does and how to deal with her. I would be very interested to hear if anybody else have opinions about this.



Gearing up for Halloween

Who doesn’t love a naughty movie for Halloween? From the award winning studio that gave you “Hotel Spank” and “Cirque Nuit” comes “La Petite Mort” – a dark tale of lust and damnation.

“La Petit Mort” has been in production for a while but now it is finally finished and I am very thrilled with the results and to be a part of this. It’s shot by SL’s Sexiest Award nominated Coeur Noir who also wrote the story of a killer on the road…but as you all know it is Halloween and things aren’t as they might seem at first glance…The night is full of questions like: is there really witches and werewolves? Ghouls and demons? Will the girl come out of this alive? And – who is the real hunter and who is the prey?

Go here to watch “La Petite Mort” and decide for yourselves! And do leave comments below to let me hear what you think.

Dirty Princess Angels!

Last night it was time for the sexiest show of the year – the Dirty Princess Fashion Show – a showcase for the iconic clothes & shoes, sexy lingerie and original mesh creations of designer Skyler Lebed. I was so thrilled to be invited to walk this show and be a Dirty Princess Angel – who just got her wings this year!

DP show 5

Here’s some postcards from the stage – just snapshots which was all I could do in risk of crashing. But it was really a show to remember and so unlike everything I have done before. So a totally new experience to me!

Dp show 8

Above is Skyler Lebed herself being saluted by her DP Angels.

Dp show 7

Born To Be Wild

Born to be wild

Channeling my inner BB today and posing with my pack of…ehem…little foxy Fennecs. These little gacha wins from Half-Deer are so cute, they were given to me as a complete set by a good friend and I promised to take these photos as a token of appreciation. So here we are, me and my little foxes….going for a morning stroll by the foggy sea – all in our B-day suits. Happy Friday!

Born to be wild 2


Tan Lines

Sundeck 4r

As the sun is high in the sky, and I have new beach furniture from Michigan’s Shack – I thought today would be the perfect day to recommend some sexy bonkbuster novels for the season. I am an obsessive beach reader, and few things fill me with more joy then lazing in the sun with a good chicklit novel or even a dirty old Harold Robbins book – and just work that tan while I dive into the world of racy sexy romance. As you can see I prefer to tan in the nude, so the only tan lines I get are from an author named J.J Salem. “Tan Lines” used to be one of my fave bonkbuster reads so today I will name that my no 1 summer-recommendation. My J.J Salem-crush actually started with another novel, “The Strip”, which I read on the beach two years ago. I remember being meshmerized by the authors Jackie Collinesque way of writing, so I googled everything he had written and came across “Tan Lines”. It’s a 3-girl story (yea they always are but i LOVE these books) – and tells the tale of a decadent rock star, a feminist commentator and a sugar daddy’s mistress – who all share a place in the Hamptons where well, things happen. It’s juicy, sexy and a little naughty and totally worth your time while you sip an iced marguerita and work on your tan.

Sundeck 1r

My second recommendation would be a classic – “Valley of The Dolls” by Jaqueline Susann. It’s is unabashedly sexy and trashy, I read the entire book in my bathtub one winter when I was ill with the flu and only scented bubble baths, chocolates and coffes laced with brandy made me feel slightly human. Susann was way ahead of her time and may very well have inspired lots of famous authors, like Jackie C and Candace Bushnell to name a few.

Sundeck 3r

My third recommendation today would be another classic from the queen of bonkbusters herself : Jackie Collins’ classic “Chances”. This mighty novel is my fave of the Santangelo chronicles and not just because of the feisty heroine Lucky but of the tales of old Gino Santangelo himself. Nothing like a bit of vintage mobster glamour to set your mind racing – and well a man whos nickname is Gino the ram….say no more *nudge-nudge*. Now out in the sun you go and indulge yourself! I’m off to buy Collins newest novel The Santangelos, and soon as it’s devoured I will give you my verdict.


A Night to Remember

HBIC banner

July 12th H.B.I.C Productions hosted their first Annual Adult Black Tie Affair – an awards show for the SL adult community. The event itself was a glittering affair. And mister Coeur Noir and myself were honoured to be nominated for several awards for our movie  “Cirque Noir” and to be present at the spectacular event. The Black Tie Affair was put together by H.B.I.C’s Meg Corral – a one-woman wonder who is both a talented and famous actress, model and movie producer/director. She even designed and built this entire event sim without breaking as much as a nail – and man her talons are l o n g.  So it was with great joy I put together a small party collage of images from the evening – a way like to congratulate all the winners and fellow nominees and give Meg a high5 for putting together this awsome event.

Red Carpet Black Tie1

Mr. Noir and myself arriving on the red carpet. Who was I wearing? Well, the gown is from Junbug and the jewellery is from Devious Mind. Mister Noir’s tux? You will have to ask him I’m afraid 🙂

Collage 2

Here’s a pretty bouquet of celebrating starts: in the middle, Miss Meg Corral herself – (perv those nails – nailcam please!!) she’s so hot she makes smoking look healthy! And – you can read her coverage of the affair here. Then clockwise from top left is Anita Dark, dynamic duo and multiple award winner-couple Leannan and James Wolfgang, a very happy winner Dillon Lecker and award winning male pornstar, handsome  Larry Vinaver.

Collage 1

Top left is Damien Godard, top right, m3 Jonson and bottom left is Partee while bottom right is Mr. Coeur Noir. And at the center: smoking hawt RC Mel & Brookie.

Collage 3

Barbie on the left, Kayla Whittaker on the right and the man in the middle here is of course noone else but the awsome Mister Hard Rust, who was here to recieve the photography award on behalf of his wife, the very talented Spirit Demure-Rust. And below – since I am so self obsessed, here’s some more red carpet pics of your truly and mister Coeur Noir.

Black 17

Spectacular and fun evening – The Black Tie Affair.

Red carpet us

Posing for the paparazzi.

Black 16


The Sexiest Awards 2015

Oh we are so exited and honoured that our movie “Cirque Nuit” was nominated for several awards this year!

Sexiest 2015 b

Here’s Coeur Noir and me sharing a glass of champagne before heading off to the Sexiest Awards 2015 where Coeur Noir was nominated for best movie, best director and I was nominated as best actress. Ok so we didn’t win but still – I feel the nomination is a win in itself. And 3 new trophies for our mantlepiece!

Sexiest 2015 c 1

And we certainly did our best to clean up on the dancefloor at the after-party. All in all an awsome evening. And who knows – next time it might be our turn!

Sexiest 2015 a1