No need to thank me…just spank me!

Welcome to my Candy Box!

Hey there *smiles* I’m flattered you’ve found your way here….to my little box of sweeties…I am going to use this forum as my personal diary so you can follow everything I do, both my dirty movies, my naughty photoshoots and everything else I do. A window into my life pretty much. Now, why would I want that? It’s because I enjoy thinking of you’all watching me….well I am an exhibitionist – duh – as you will see as you get to know me better I tend to run around in very little clothes as i do my homework, my housework and my dirty work. As we speak I have just done my first professional porno with Daddy Luv’s  Bad Dog Movies, it’s in post production at the moment but I will make sure to direct you to it once it’s uploaded on the net. It is about a cute little schoolgirl who works as a stripper and hooker at night for kicks and money. It has a lot of fucking and sucking and hardcore action, so I’m sure you will enjoy it as much as i enjoyed shooting it.  To give you a small teaser I posted the photo above so you can see me in my cutest schoolgirl outfit…it was chilly as we took the photo so my nipples got real hard…and i couldn’t resist teasing them just a little *giggles*…Now I will be uploading lots of my naughty photos here and on my flickr so stay tuned for more eye candy. And if there’s anything you’d like to see me do, wear or whatever do drop me a line at: or an IM in-world in SL at babygirl Luv. Well – off to get my beautysleep…and maybe a little playing with myself before sleep…mmmmm. Se you all soon! *kissess* BabyGirl


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