No need to thank me…just spank me!

Festival of Sin

Sluttiness must be in vogue! First it is the Festival of Sin which I visited this week, and next there is the Whore Couture event starting soon. Could it get any better? The text on the invite for the Festival of Sin draws you in like this: ” If you’re easily offended or grossed out… you’re in the wrong place. May I suggest you visit something that doesn’t offend your sensibilities… a church perhaps?” Haha, of course like a moth to the flame I tp’d in –  these words are just impossible to resist right. So clever LOL. Well here’s some photos of what to expect:.

The Festival of Sin is basically a shopping bonanza but with some dirty novelties thrown in – like bots of naked noobs following you into filthy slum bathrooms LOL – but what girl doesn’t like to wallow in filth and shopping? Celebrating the 7 Deadly Sins, the sim is divided into greed, gluttony,lust, envy – well you get the drill – and the good news (if that’s not good enough LOL) theres a bunch of top designer stores there, Miamai, Tableau Vivant, Sn@tch, Izzie’s, Elefantu etc etc so you can grab some good bargains on poses, clothes and accessories – even furniture. So I thought it was only right to indulge in some over-spending – is that a sin? Hm maybe that’s one I just made up. Anyways, I had Daddy’s credit card at hand and was not afraid to use it. Here’s some of the goodies I picked up along my road to damnation:

First I figured it was time to try some MESH goodies. To the left I am wearing the demo version of [Aura]s Bound – MESH Corset corset size L. As you can see my boobs are poking out on the sides, this is one thing about rigged MESH, if the biggest size doesnt fit youre more or less f**ed. Oh well. The earrings is Shoya – a free gift from A:S:S deLuxe. Other than that I’m wearing bikini pants are (old),hair is free gift from D!iva & shoes and leggings are from GField (not in the festival). To the right, I am wearing MESH hair – so cool to find a beehive style as they are my faves. This one is from Alice Project and called Kiera. Skirt and top from SLink (not in the Festival)

From leftThis cool top from.:* LOULOU&CO *:. is called :: GOD SAVE THE QUEEN ! Yep that appeals to the punk in me. And it has tons of wear options, with and without fishnet layer and nipple tape. I’m wearing it with my denim shorts from {mon tissu}  (not in the festival) and cute, shiny lipstick print leggings “Kisses” from Alexohol. To the right I have stripped it down and mixed it with shorts from Elymode (comes with a MESH skirtpart so you can wear it as a mini skirt) and tattoo from Delusions.All hairs from D!iva and shoes from G-field and Nardcotix (not in the festival).

Ok – before you enter the Festival of Sin you will be asked to strip off excessive prims and scripts for things to work better for everyone. I noticed people put it all back on once they were inside *sighs* Oh well, that may be why I found the place a tad laggy at times. Anyway – the people behind it has a blog – and they advice you make sure you join their group The Hottie Cooterati Experience for news and updates. Now – i just can’t wait for The Whore Couture to start!!


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