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Help me decide!

Implants are all the rave and it seems the fashion pack are latching onto it as well as dancers and glamour models (and pornstars obviously! lol) I own an older pair of prim sculpty Lolas and I’m contemplatinbg if I should get the new mesh ones – Lola’s Tango – but the price – 1.700 Ls and the craze over them are warningsignals for a girl who watches both her lindens as well as trying to maintain a highly personalized look. .But I will say the new Lolas looks amazing, they are apparently much easier to fit and the selection for really cool clothes are growing. Funny, that used to such a specialist thing. So I’m turning to you guys for advice: should I get implants or stay natural? I have posted a pic with my old implants and one of me au naturell. Please do not hesitate to voice your opinion 🙂

Without implants:

Bimbo Bambi portrait 1

With implants:

baby full figure logo


2 responses

  1. Definitely get Tango implants. Not only do they look natural, but when set right, are seamless. Also, you won’t get that horrible boxy/octagonal shape that having large, natural, default avi breasts give you. Maintaining a personalized look is easy, seeing as most of the good skin stores around the grid are now selling breast skin and nipple appliers.

    January 26, 2013 at 10:32 pm

    • Hi Kyla! Yes i agree – i have had to make my default shape’s breasts smaller to get a nicer rounder shape and with Lolas that problem is solved – i love the way they are shaped. And – ty for being my very first commentator! ❤

      January 27, 2013 at 9:08 am

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