No need to thank me…just spank me!

My Fetish Diary

My fetish diary 5 new boots 2

Here starts a new chapter on my blog: my weekly summary of fetish fun and bad things I get up to. This week was a shopping week as I was sick with the flu but i still managed to burn off a few lindens on these fancy feathers you see in the picture here. I was sad too and pouted a lot so my sugar daddy bought me new pink furniture for my bedroom – that made me feel a little better đŸ™‚ Also stuffing my bags with some new shiny latex from Hugo’s Design put the sparkle back in my eyes – I am wearing it for a new series of spanking photos this week. I will post soon as they are done.

While I was in bed I started reading a racy new novel by the RL burlesque star Immodesty Blaze – “Tease” – which tells the story about showgirl Tiger Starr’s adventures in Vegas. It’s such a gloriously naughty read I wore my self adhesive pasties and tugged them on and off for a little extra naughty fun while reading – it made me all wet and wanton and grinning to myself. So…anybody wonder why my nipples look so swollen in my new photos…now you know *winks* I am dancing tonight at Twisted Orchid, I am hoping for a good show because I am saving for my new Lolas. Come hang out and support me if you can!


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