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My Fetish Diary

My fetish diary 3

It’s been a quite eventful week because I got a notecard from Black Sheets Magazine that I passed the first rounds of the model casting – yay me! – and now I have an interview to go to. That takes place today. Can’t wait for that – maybe I get to talk about kink I like? lol that’s a win. I also had to develope a concept for a fetish photoshoot and take some new photos, and I had Mayhem help me with that because he’s so good. But the idea was all mine – I created a naughy photo series…..ok i won’t let you know what because its anonymous to make the contest fair.  And beware –  I will not pester you all to go vote for just me ok, but do go vote for the models you like the best, so many great faces  – here.

Earlier this week I was a bit bored, and when I am I always get into trouble. No different this week – I went to the Red Light District, picked up a street walker tag and danced naked in a window for a few hours. It didn’t earn me any tips but I had some nice sleazy convos with a few people – that was payment enough lol.

Club Rouge Polaroids

I had another shoot as well with Mayhem, it’s a latex fashions shoot wearing Hugo’s Latex – here’s a teaser pic until i post the whole series on my flickr:

Boudoir 2


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