No need to thank me…just spank me!

Fetish Party and naughty movies!

Silver landscape

I am so excited! Well…more so than normally lol. Because the club where I work – Twisted Orchid BDSM Club – the most awsommest on the grid – is having an anniversary party this weekend. 6 years it’s been going and surely that must be some form of personal record in Second Life. The owner Kailani Ling or the Goddess as we love to call her must have done something right to create such a success in the competitive field of SL Nightlife and adult entertainment. So this Saturday we are doing something fun and unusual, like a stage show where we girls all present our specal kinks! You will get the chance to meet one dancer on the stage at the time performing a solo number to two songs – and I am hard at work rehearsing my number as we speak. I will let it be a surprise, but do know it has something to do with gangs and gangsters lol. The Kinky Birthday Party goes on all day – but the Twisted Fetish Show starts at 2 PM and lasts for 2 hours – with DJ CherriBomb.

Oh – after I finished my performance at Twisted Orchid last night I had the lovely Emily of  Miss Emily’s Studio contact me for an interview. You can read it here!  Oh and she gracefully added me to Emily’s and Linda’s Group so I also get a chance to cast for one of their movies! So… who said Sundays were not eventful eh? Gotta love’em!

And by the way – you can now also vote online for the models competing to get into the Black Sheets Magazine – voting on the web happens here and in-world here. Don’t forget to look closely for yours truly if you think I got what it takes *smiles*

Oh and yes…I’m wearing:

White latex bodysuit by Hugo’s Latex

Nails and jewellery from Mandala

Thigh high silver boots from SLink.


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