No need to thank me…just spank me!

My Fetish Diary

My fetish diary 6

It’s been an eventful few days, with both planning of a new movie, the Fetish Party at Twisted O and now the model contest for Black Sheets Magazine. The results of the voting came in today and yay I made it! That really made me very happy – I don’t have a lot of friends whom I can pester to go and vote for me so I really didn’t expect to stand a chance but whaddya know lol – whammer! – there I am! hah. That felt good. Now for my kinky week I have been greatly inspired by the new erotic book i bought last week – “Secrets” – the short stories in it makes me horny – after reading the one called “You smell of chocholates” – about a slut who gets spanked by her Dom – I felt quite wee-hey! I brought my diamanté embellished red vibrator to bed and went to town lol. It’s quite a powerful little tool that one – the orgasms that thing gives me are so fierce I fear my insides are gonna get ripped out of me – and thats just from stimulating my clit. It can actually make me cum hard in less then 30 seconds – and serial ones that leaves me laying there over sensitive with after shakes and tremors.

Fetish diary 4

Anyway, because I felt in a generous mood I posted a few photos from my last shoot here, the styling is  inspired by burlesque just a bit naughtier. It’s my own brand of naughty burlesque with full nudity. I love masks as they give me the feeling of being candid and mysterious….like a harlot that comes to you at night, rides you hard until you cry for release, and sucks you until you beg for mercy….then slips quietly out of your chambers at sunrise…her lipstick smeared and her hair in a mess….leaving just a scent of exclusive perfume lingering behind along with the smell of her sex….sweet dreams!

I think for my next little shortie photo story I am going to do some dirty dildo work, it’s a long time since i did anything really XXX-rated.  How do you feel about that darling readers? – do you prefer I just do glamourshots or would you like to see me get really dirty? I appreciate your feedbacks as always and remember I am doing this blog just as much for your entertainment as for mine – so I hope you like it. Write and let me know what you would love to see more of here, and I will do what I can to please you. After all – I am a girl who’s most happy when on her knees 🙂

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