No need to thank me…just spank me!

New week at Twisted Orchid

Twisted Orchid Events 18 - 24 Feb 2013

I know Mondays and Tuesdays can be a bit bleak, but if you get the early week blues this is where you should go – Twisted Orchid has great fetish themed events every day and lots of sexy seductive dancers who will tease and please you and help all your kinky fantasies come true. So do come down and see us. I love slowly gyrating around that pink stage in next to nothing….makes me think all sorts of naughty thoughts. So what’s not to like about it? This is the place where you have the biggest chance at running into me, i love entertaining our guests there.


The ever so lovely Jennifer sent me this awsome picture of me taken during my solo performance of last weekends fetish show at Twisted Orchids Birthday party. Jennifer Melody is the collared slave of Mistress Faith Darrow – The Marquess – but she is also the woman with a finger in every pie over at Twisted Orchid, making sure things run smoothly, with a full stage of beauties so that no patron is ever left bored. Thank you so much Jennifer, we all love all the great things you do for the club and us and it would not the the same without you there pulling the strings. Thank you for this lovely capture!


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