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My Fetish Diary: Cravings and Denial 2

My Fetish diary 8

After posting my thoughts on punishment yesterday I talked to some awsome people in one of my Second Life Groups about the frustration it causes when bratty subs top from the bottom. I’d like to share some of their replies which are wise as well as entertaining and to the point. One who generously offered Her advice was Alison Jewell, a RL Domme:

“I personally enjoy the obedience of my subs, so I reward them in the ways I know they will appreciate when they are obedient to me.
Any punishment depends on the crime, how much i have taught them to do – what they failed to do and if they are painsluts.

So I asked her:  “Well if a sub didn’t start a task she was given and refused to do so even when reminded, and she was a cocky little brat who enjoys say a good spanking – how would you punish her?
To this Jewell suggested sensory deprivation. Or rather – she was way more explisit:
“Black painted swim goggles. Breathing tube. Plastic/waterproof restraints. Bathtub of warm water. Nose clip like they use for synchronised swimming. Painsluts crave pain and attention via pain so you deprive them of just that. A preliminary trick is to put them in a box or closet tied up and if that doesn’t work, you up the ante on time and deprivation
I told her how tired and demotivated I am of seeing bratty subs – often grown people acting like children – misbehave to get what they crave.
Alison Jewell smiled: “If I get a brat acting up to try provoke me into beating them… I give them the opposite. I don’t get bullied or pushed into giving what a sub wants unless I’m being an escort and I’m doing it for pay… and even then I’m not a pushover” said Alison. And rounded up our convo with this whiplash comment – which i <333:

“I am the Domme. They are the sub. Try to Domme me from underneath and I will either toss you out or remind you that I am in control.”

Another friend (whos name I will not reveal before i get a chance to ask her permission) came back with these killer lines:

“Who says you have to have a D/s relationship to have that kind of sex life 🙂 I’m a baby girl but I’m also a very Domme woman my sl husband is not a Dom but he knows exactly what I like and gives it to me as dirty as I want it and enjoys it himself – I’ve done the whole D/s thing too 🙂 I was just in it for the sex. If a man shows me any weakness I dominate his ass into a whimpering little pussy boy lol”

Love you ladies – you rock!


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