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Sexy on a Budget: St.Patrick’s Day

StPaddy A
Yay soon St. paddy’s people! So I thought I’d do a budget take on dressing for events. Putting together a winning outfit for an event, a costume party or a contest CAN be extremely expensive and stressful BUT it can also be incredibly economical if you just dedicate a little time to plan. Pick your theme and browse your fave shops and Marketplace well in time to make sure you come up with somethinh unique that is also affordable.
StPaddy B
I love burlesque and decided right away I wanted something showgirly in the right St Paddy emeralds. Of course it’s cheapest to go naked lol but second best is to dress up in something daring and revealing that shows just enough skin.
At !devious Mind they have lucky chairs with some yummy burly accessories and I was lucky to grab myself these feather fans there for 0 lindens! The feather boa was a lucky find at Marketplace as was the disco dress that comes with lovely sparkly earrings and as a special touch – a small top hat on the left breast!. The cute heels with pretty bows on the ankle straps were an incredible bargain also at Marketplace.
StPaddy C

All was bought at Marketplace except the fans. For my hair I just recoloured “Leesa” – an old do from Truth that I already had in my inventory. Pretty va va-voom or what? And only 120 lindens spent!
Happy St.Paddy’s!

Dress: Chrysalis “Limelight” – 80L
Boa: ! Laville “A Few Feathers Boa” in teal – 30L
Shoes: Masha “Dee Dee” in red – 10L
Fans: !devious Mind – FREE!


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