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Finally: Black Sheets Magazine out!


Many have been waiting for this and well finally it’s here: The BDSM Magazine Black Sheets – had their releaseparty last Sunday so I am a bit slow but I have felt exceedingly lazy this last week, sorry.

Anyway – the mag looks fab and you can either go and pick up a copy at the BDSM Central or you can read it online here.

Black Sheets is an art and literary magazine ¬†featuring a great variety of articles and high quality photograps. In the new issue you can meet some of the fiercest Dommes in SL, see a gorgeous trubute to some of the most notorious fetish photographers and read features about BDSM Lifestyle, kinky fashion and interesting residents. Oh – and don’t forget to read my piece on Twisted Orchid – the best BDSM club in SL – yay – with interviews with both Goddess Kailani Ling and the lovely Jennifer Melody. Could it be better? I think NOT.

And – if you have time today at 10AM SLT – I will be on stage at Twisted Orchids “Latex Bizarre Circus”-event – so be there!

And while you drool and count the hours…here’s a photo of the lovely Kristayn and myself on the club’s stage. You can see more of the lovely Kristayn and some of the other awsome Twisted Dancers in the new edition of Black Sheets Magazine so go grab a copy now and indulge with your Saturday morning coffee!

TO Ablue


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