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My Fetish Diary

Fetish diary 9

Nietzsche wrote: “When you stare into the abyss – the abyss stares back at you”.

That’s how she felt whe she looked into his eyes. They were like deep pools of black oil…she felt she could dive in – feel the darknes envelope her completely as she slowly sank deep into the soft thickness. Knowing she would never reach the bottom of his black liquid soul – she would turn and fishtail her way  upwards like a mermaid…gasping for air she would rise up out of the pool – her back arched and her mouth wide open and her body completely covered in shiny black from head to toe resembling a gloriously glossy latexdoll….

What things inspire you? Is it kneeling in fromt of your master or Mistress contemplating new ways to please? Is it eating expensive chocholates and gushing it down with champagne? Or is it reading a good book, watching a movie or staying up all night to writing and then watching the sun rise and listen to the birds sing while you drink a cup of freshly brewed coffee?  The latter is my absolute favourite way to get inspired. I also love a good read or quote like this piece started with – Nietzsche wrote a lot of really good shit that I never tire of reading.

Lately I read a very entertaining book about a guy who worked as a strip club DJ – “Play Something Dancy”. I swear this book made me laugh out loud many times – it is a fab read for anyone who’s ever worked in a strip club or even fantasize about doing so. Watch out for a review shortly.

Oh – and please tell me what inspires you – it’s fun to hear your views on this!


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