No need to thank me…just spank me!

Free sex…or not?

Free sex1

I have been debating with myself about so-called free sex sims….if they are a good thing or not. OR if anything ever really happens in these places… As a professional dancer I do like when patrons visit a club and actually appreciate what we do, and send a small tip our way as a token of appreciation. But why would you tip a girl for what some other girl would give away for free in a free sex sim? Hmmm….maybe the fact that dancers in a club are professional? Or hey – maybe I am mistaken, maybe you actually prefer girls who do it for free?  Club dancers are often not dancing to hook up. There will be no strings attached if you flirt or book some private time with a professional lapdancer/stripper/escort. On the other hand – perhaps you are looking to hook up? Maybe you are hunting for that special kinky someone who can fulfill all your secret desires? In that case – free sex sims are great! Loads of willing and very beautiful girls – and guys too – are lurking around in free sex areas and all you gotta do is be a bit creatvie and talk to them, RP them a bit and see what happens. As you all know I frequent kinky sims for a living and sometimes when i feel like kicking back I go to my fave free sex place in Slut Alley – they have a great red light district but be warned, NOT all is for the faint at heart so do not go there if you are sensitive to seriously twisted images!! – but I do love this amazing stripclub with a burlesque interior. The place looks really mouthwateringly awsome and very much like a real posh stripclub in RL. Sometimes when I do not feel like working but just want to kick back and wallow in kinkyness I come here and hop on a table to get filthy for an hour or two, or just chat with the other girls who hang around here. And who knows, sometimes it leads to more, sometimes it leads to nothing – it just fullfills a natural desire to strut around naked on a stage in public. Btw – mark the tipjars LOL. Imagine sliding your plastic fantastic through that! So what do you think – is free sex sims cool or not? No such thing as free sex you say? Let’s hear your opinion.

Free sex 2


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