No need to thank me…just spank me!

Wanna be a Bar Dancer?

Bardancer 3

Visiting the Old Man Rufus Blues Club the other day, I came across an offer I couldn’t refuse: “Would you want to be a Bar Dancer?”  Old Man Rufus whomever he is must be a dirty ol’ fecker apparently because he has beautiful girls – the Rufus’ Foxes – dancing naked on the bar for money, free drinks, lollipops or whatever. I saw the sign right away: “Want to be a bar dancer? Dance naked on the bar and send a photo to Impatwin toxx for your Rufus Foxy Girl title”. Simple enough, right? Of course I just HAD to do this. So – not so gracefully I stripped off my expensive Indyra’s and jumped up on the bar. Voila! – I had my game on! Now I’m just waiting for my title…

Bardancer 2a

But….what else has a girl gotta do to get a drink around here? Oh yea, gotcha! Dance naked with the band! Those who know me are aware I had my  groupie days where I would end up backstage for fun after concerts. Just gotta love musicians ❤

Bardancer 1

What I’m wearing? Hm…as you see not a lot. But my shoes and socks are from Indyra Originals who has a big sale on btw – and my hair with cherries are from Exile. The heart shaped shades on my head and my lollypop are from Culprit but sold at this monthly event called Genre. This month’s theme is Lolita – hence the hearts – how apt huh? My jewellery are gifts from my sugardaddy so I have like no clue where they are from.  Just hope for his sake that they are expensive 😀


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