No need to thank me…just spank me!

Shoe fetish

Shoetopia A

I admit it, I am a shoe fetishist. And last weekend I gave in and went to Shoetopia – last day today so hurry up if you feel like scoring some fab offers of couture footwear. For me that’s like taking an alcoholic to a free booze bar and I went a little berzerko and came home with among other items, these hot pink babies from GOS. So aptly named Bordello and with a corset lacing up the back of the wedge heel, they were practically calling my name.

But what is it really with shoe fetishism? Is it the same as foot fetishism, which i googled and found is called podophilia – LOLL – but I don’t think they are one and the same. The foot lover likes to see feets wiggle in the air while people like me love to see feet restrained in strict, shiny patent, or leather with studs or straps and chains – much how i like to see the entire female body. I also love sticking my  my well groomed feet into a brand new pair of shoes that fits snugly and hugs in all the right places and makes me tower so high I almost get dizzy. Combined with lacy lingerie or maybe no clothes at all is fab – I love prancing around in suntan lotion, my fave pair of heels and a smile….makes me tremble in all the right places. Do you like shoes? Boots? Feet? Tell me – I am dying to know….

Oh and I also took a vanity photo while I was at it – wearing nothing more than a pair of bikini bottoms and body lotion. Please enjoy and happy Saturday!

Lingerie 12a


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