No need to thank me…just spank me!

Happy New Year!

Twisted Orchid 1

Sometimes life just takes  you by surprise, like when someone you have known for a little while turns into become a wonderful friend. I have known Mistress Kianna for a while from Twisted Orchid BDSM Club where I work (you can see me on stage at the club along with the lovelies PonygirlJessica (left) and babygirlrachel (right) in the random snapshot above). Miss Kianna visits the club from time to time along with her pet Amber and is always very nice – and a treat to dance for  as well as look at I must add. But the other day I discovered She has a blog – Kianna’s Lifestyle – where She offers a unique and very interesting insight into the mind of a Dominant woman.  Was I thrilled or what! It’s like getting a chance to peek into someone else’s mind and someone you admire at that – so I felt really smug about that. So thank you Miss Kianna for being you, and for the lovely giftie I recieved the other day as well.  And people, the Woman can write. So go to Her blog, read it, leave a comment and help Her make the blogsphere more interesting because Her blog is a great addition to it. It will be my recommended read for the week and that brings me to my next subject: 2014.

I am not so good at new year resolutions as I tend to break them first week of the year. But I am committed to making this blog less random and more concistent and so I am introducing some new posts that will be regular features on here. And first is Recommended read. I will recommend a book, magazine or a blog at least monthly, because when one finds something interesting one should share.

New on the bloggy for 2014 is also a spanking new interview series titled: Talk Dirty To Me.  The TDTM-interview is loosely inspired by BBC’s Hard Talk – I was always a huge fan of Tim Sebastian and the way he conducted the most intense interviews under that title. And – quite humbly I must emphazise – I was pondering how I could  possibly make a fetishy, sexy spin on the same idea – an interview that delves deeply into someone else’s privat world and thoughts – ho-hum! Not an easy task, non? Well – I know a lot of kinky folks and I can come up with some wicked questions so that gave birth to the TDTM idea. It will start first week of January and feature every month. Hopefully it will make for racy and entertaining reads as well as insightsful journeys into other peoples minds not just mine  – which will be a relief for both you and me now and again lol.

Ooh I will most definately be making more movies in 2014, that’s a definate and a promise. Also – I am bringing back my FFOAB = Fetish Fashion On A Budget-column. And the Fetish Diary will continue and take on a special form, which I will explain later (there is a surprise involved – yay.) Also – I love hearing from you guys and if you have ideas, musings or anything you’d love to see on here do let me know – you can drop me an email: Don’t be shy – come forward, I only bite when I get too excited!

Happy New Year to you all!


One response

  1. When opening the page of this blog I’m greeted with “No need to thank me…just spank me!”. To say that I have an urge to spit in the palm of My hand, raise it and bring it down firmly on the beautiful and shapely bottom of the writer in a display of My gratitude would be understating just how grateful I am.

    Knowing you have taken away something meaningful from My rambling is humbling beyond words sugar. believe it or not .. I’m absolutely speechless!

    Thank You.
    (Miss) Kianna

    P.s. Happy New Year !

    January 1, 2014 at 1:31 am

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