No need to thank me…just spank me!

Wow – a Sexxx Fair!!

It’s too good to be true right? – Sexxx Sells is a two full weeks fair dedicated to sin and debauchery. It will be shopping! It will be dancing girls! It will be parties!! It will be…oh my dirty mind runs riot!! What I mean to say is it sounds like a divine way to start the year, don’t you agree? So I promptly contacted Siren Productions who are the wicked brains behind Sexxx Sells for information and they divulged a LOT of exciting news about the comming attractions – both fashion shows and club evenings with some of SLs sexiest adult celebs and pornstars!

SeXXX Sells Ad Ladies w Logo

I especially look forward to seeing new items from some of my regular fetish and latex suppliers like Hugo’s  (I have posted one of my fave shots of myself in a Hugo’s Latex design at the bottom of the page for your enjoyment) – but I have seen the designer list and it’s all great high profile brands – some kinkier than others of course.  It’s beyond interesting that many mainstream brands now dive into the seedier part of SL’s lifestyle and want to design lovely fashions for those of us who loves to take our clothes off at inappropriate moments. We saw it at 7 Deadly Sins and Whore Couture, now we get Sexxx Sells. What’s next – porno fashion week? Funny right? Yet, I like it. I welcome it. And I plan to interview some of the people at Sirens about it. I wanna know the link between fetish – sex and fashion! Are you intrigued? I hope so. LOL ok darlings you have been warned. Anyhow – here’s some eyecandy from Sexxx Sells – and even though these girls are wearing very little I can feel my credit card vibrate. So stay tuned when I start shopping because I will shamelessly expose my habit here. Kissess – happy Saturday!

Silver landscape


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