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My Fetish Diary: E for Exhibitionist

My fetish diary 11

‘Do you like being watched?’ said the one in the shadows. Sugar couldn’t quite figure him out but the deepness of the voice made it fair to assume it was a male. The question posed always sent shivers down her spine. She knew the answer and it made no sense to be coy about it.

‘Yes, I like being watched” she said and positioned herself  so that she revealed just that little more of naked flesh. Spreading her legs she felt a rush of adrenalin surge through her. The muscles of her inner thighs tensed – there really was no better workout than flashing she thought and smiled to herself and to the one she could not see. A sigh came from the shadows. Sugar assumed he was entertained.

‘Do you like not being seen?’ she whispered as she let a hand slide slowly down her midriff and travel south. The shadow didn’t answer and for a minute she feared she had crossed a line – that he was the one to ask questions and she to reply. After all she was the one getting paid to expose herself. But then to her surprise he leaned forward, just enough for her to see that his face was covered by an ornate gold venetian mask. Behind lips of frozen gold he whispered:

‘Yes. I like to watch. I am The Voyeur.”

She bathed in pink stage lights, her warm olive skin glowing against luxurious lingerie – flimsy garments designed more to expose than to cover. Her hand reached her crotch. Cupping her darkened labia she squeezed lightly and pressed the hand had against her tender clit. She felt a steady throbbing down below, a tightening of muscles and so bucked her hips forward to meet her firm and greedy hand. Slow and steady she rocked her hips back and forth, her firm young breasts softly jiggeling, pierced nipples on alert.  There was nothing that could make her climax harder than pleasuring herself in front of a complete stranger, someone who had no intention of becoming any more than that. A stranger in the dark. He made her juices flow almost as much as her probing fingers did. She reveled in being his seductive marionette, a flirtateous sex-puppet on a string for him. A slave to the gaze.Was he aroused?

She couldn’t tell for sure how much but she sensed his heat in the dark – could almost feel the weight of his stare as she bared herself. And had she turned the music off and listened closer she would have heard his breath – how it become more and more rapid in the dark where he chose to hide. With a slutty grin she stared into the darkness, spread her legs and pleased herself quite shamelessly until her orgasm took hold. Nipples tingling with excitement she rode the wave – let the heat fill her loins like molten honey. And for a moment there was nothing else – she was her sex and that was all she was.  She saw movement in the corner where The Voyeur sat. She heard him draw his card. Then footsteps in the dark. Gone. ‘

Carries 5

For this act of flashing I’m wearing sexy hot pink lingerie and nylons from Carrie’s Lingerie, heels from N-Core, jewellery from Mandala and Donna Flora and hair from boon.


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