No need to thank me…just spank me!

My Fetish Diary: W for Watersport

– Watersports? said the little tart to the good boy. And naturally he followed her into the water. With cheeks burning of shame he watched as the crashing waves came lapping at her crotch making her skimpy little bodysuit wet.

– Your mother know you’re out so late? she giggled and looked at him across her shoulder. God she could reduce boys to quivering little heaps of jello and she loved how it made her want to do the filthiest things in front of them. Knowing full well he couldnt take his eyes off her ass she started dancing sensually in the water…pulling her soft baby blue leather thigh highs up as the little blue catsuit got soaked by the sea. With expert fingers she undid her top and peeled off the sexy little number letting it slide down her glistening wet body revealing all of her….

SeXXX sells C2

– Here, you can take this home and hang it up to dry she said and threw him the wet garment while she posed in front of him wearing nothing but the short leather jacket. She spanked her hunnypot hard a few times and felt the old familiar tremor between her thighs. He watched as she pleasured herself – the sound of leather, of her raspy fast breathing and her slutty little laughter at the sound of running water turning him on like crazy. And when she gasped and pulled her dripping wet hand from between her thighs it was his turn to moan. With eyes darting from her face to her dripping sex he mumbled foolishly:

– Did you….?

She grinned.

– Oh yes – I most definately did!

Her pink erect nipples tingled with excitement as she bent forward in her little blue jacket and whisped:

– Now spank me…I think I’ve been a very VERY bad girl.

For this little scene I’m wearing “String me along” bodysuit with matching boots and “Pinup Girl” Leather Jacket all from Rachel Swallows’ Wicked Creative now available EXCLUSIVELY at her boutique at SeXXX Sells.

SeXXX sellS c1


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