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Talk Dirty To Me: Lexie Jansma!

You have heard of SeXXX Sells right? Lexie Jansma is the woman you should all be airkissing for this awsome venue taking place to cheer us up at the beginning of the year. Lexie Jansma is the woman behind successful fashion events like last year’s Jewelry & Accessory Expo. Her previous events include the Latex Fetishwear Fashion Week, Menswear Fashion Week, and Menswear Fashion Week 2011-2013, The Mens 24, The 24. in addition to multiple runway shows. She runs Siren Productions and they also specialize in unique, custom built runways and have a wide history of shows with multiple agencies and designers. Lexie is also a successful photographer – so with her on board you know there is a LOT going on. The delicious photo you see of her is her own splendid work. Now feast your eyes and minds on this…

Lexie Jansma

Hi Lexie. You are the brains behind Sexxx Sells? Tell me what made you decide to do an adult themed fair?

I really wanted to go back to my first event Latex Fetishwear Fashion Week and make it bigger and better. So we have included all types of designers from furniture to animations…clothing…enhancement designers all coming together for 2 weeks. It was important to include erotic art, fashion shows, and fun events for everyone and also to get big names in the adult industry on board!

Would you say you have a particularly dirty mind?

I think I have a very creative mind…it can get a bit dirty at times with the right motivation.

Oh that’s interesting!  Tell me what turns you on? What sets that naughty little brain in motion?

Ideas…naughty ones…pictures…words…I am a very visual person. They say a picture speaks a thousand words and I would like to believe that is true.

What trouble can I get myself into at the fair?

You will see all sorts of things from fashion shows featuring some of the great adult designers like Hugo’s Design, Atelier m+, Zed Sensations, Edelfabrik. Fabulous new releases from from all the designers including Xplicit Designs, J.L. Designs, Savoir Vivre, Bad Eddy’s, Pillow Biters, Regimade.
Not to mention an erotic art gallery featuring some of the best and top SL Erotic Artist. Charity Auction for Feed A Smile which feeds hungry kids in Kenya. Then there are themed shows exploring different subsects like fetishwear, lingerie, naughty stripper wear.
Then there are tons of parties and events with our sponsors and media partners! Gay Fun World, Bazoomba’s Magazine, Busted Magazine, Hoobs Hotties, Minotaur Productions, SL Porn, The Sexiest Pornstar Group, and ENT Radio!

You have done a lot over fashion events over the years, how do you stay sane?

Jack and coke!

Great choice! I have noticed there’s been more frequent fusions between fashion designers and sex lately in SL as well as a few new adult members clubs popping up obviously catering to the kinky fashionista – what would you say are the links between fetish and fashion?

Well fetish clothes…are after all clothes and there is always a fascination with the forbidden. A drive to tease and tantlize and that is what Fetishwear does. Everything goes in cycles and so Fetishwear comes into the fashion sphere and goes out. However something stay and become adapted into the mainstream military influence, equestrian,  lacing, buckles, leather.

Ooooh leather….(taking a minute to compose myself). But Lexie, is the SL fashion world and the seedy underbelly of SL porn and sex world unifiable?

No…Id like to say it is…but there will always be those people who see sex as evil and will condemn those who take part in it. There are those that will par take and hide behind alts.

There is a Miss Virtual World contest, how about arranging a Miss Exotic Virtual World next? You know a bit like the Miss Exotic World they do in Vegas…

LOL…I do not do pageants! Herding pageant contestants is an even bigger job then what I do!

But I see you are a shooter for Hobbs Hotties, what have i gotta do to bribe you to make me a Hottie? Do you have a casting coach? I’ll do anything, you know…

Awww Hoobs makes those decisions not me…sorry hun you are out of luck!

Grrrrr….. but except for me of course, who’s your favourite SL sex icon Lexie?

Hmmm…in SL…there are so many girls out there I like…guys too its hard to pick just one. I would say…my favorite in RL that translates to SL sort of is Jessica Rabbit…”I am not bad…I am just drawn that way”

Oh Jessica Rabbit – sex with tail! So now you all know girlfriends – you wanna impress Lexie don that red sparkly dress that your best friend says is too tarty and dye your hair a nice shade of crimson and you may be in luck…Lexie – all the best for Sexxx Sells. Thank you for your time and for being my very first guest to Talk Dirty To me! And to the rest of you – if you haven’t been to SeXXX Sells yet hurry up, you don’t want to miss this great opportunity to see all adult designers in one yummy sim. It’s better than orgies!

NB! For the record: Sugar Vegas was made a HOTTIE a couple of months after this interview, not by bribing Lexie but by her own wicked ways.


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