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A Picture Perfect Month

Shibari C1

First things first – I am super thrilled to be among the nominees for The Sexiest Awards this year!! When I read on the SL Pornstars blog that my photo “Tied Up” (above) had been chosen by the jury as one of  5 candidates for “Sexiest photo of the year” I was for speechless for once. What an honour! Seeing the other photos in this category makes me very proud and I wish everyone the best of luck, wish all could go home with a trophy because they are all so good. But – there can be only one winner. Still –  I feel like I have won already just being nominated in this prestigeous contest, so right now I am looking forward to dressing up and going to tonight’s awards show – it is after all the SL pornstars Oscars – wooohooo, right??  Red Carpet starts at 11 PM SLT and I think it will be streamed live on the net – so if you want to come with me as I strut my stuff and hobnob with the stars keep checking The SL Pornstars blog here for updates. I promise I will be wearing something very hottt *winks*


If you love good erotic photography you mustn’t miss the new Twisted Orchid Gallery – we currently have a great exhibition up featuring some of SL’s most superb fetish photographers – like Prettyparkin Rexen, LovelyMiwako Menna, Babygirl Diavolo,  Petra Messioptra, Miss Kianna, Sacha Audeburgh, Duchess Flux and Jennifer Melody  – I am proud to be in their company!

The theme for this exhibition is BDSM and the gallery is suitably located nest to the dungeon beneath the club, and it is perfect for meditation and a quiet moment of contemplation along with your slaves, Mistress or Master while you let your eye travel to the distant lands envisioned by our featured artists. There’s even a shibari rack for some erotic fun with your loves.


The words of Diana Vreeland comes to mind: “…the eye has to travel…” And what better guide to the unknown than our esteemed artists? So set aside some time for yourself and enter a world of sheer indulgence and debauchery where noone is limited by time, shame or any other boundaries…….you know you want to *winks*


2 responses

  1. Congratulations on the nomination sweet sugar !
    You know what I think of your photo… “mmmmmmm rope, yummy.” 😉

    Your fan, your friend
    Kianna (Miss)

    March 3, 2014 at 12:26 am

    • Thank you so much Miss Kianna! It was totally unexpected and I was thrilled to be even mentioned as I am a relative newcomer on the block hehe

      August 24, 2014 at 1:25 am

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