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Busy month of May


Cirque Noir Poster 1

A lil’ clown sex never hurt nobody…..For those of you who have asked me what I have been up to lately here is the answer: I have been busy on location starring in a new porn production titled “Cirque Nuit” directed by one of SL porn’s most promising directors – Coeur Noir. As the title reveals “Cirque Nuit” is a porno with a sick and twisted sideshow vibe which is perfect for me as I love bright lights and applause. In this movie I am being stalked by carnies and clowns through this world and the next – and without revealing too much I can assure you it gets messy. VERY messy. A lot of people dream of running away with a circus – but is this what most of them have in mind? Well one slut’s nightmare is another slut’s dream so i trust there are a lot more out there like me – girls who really cannot get it kinky enough. We had so much fun shooting this movie, even if it’s meant saying no to a lot of other things it’s been all worth it now when finally we’re done. “Cirque Nuit” will be released this weekend and I am very excited for you all to finally get to see it.

Cirque Noir Poster 7

For all of you who are longing to know more about “Cirque Nuit” and what it’s really like to bare your pixels for all to see – I will be doing a Talk Dirty to Me-interview with “Cirque Nuit”- director Coeur Noir soon as the movie is released. I promise to ask him all the questions you may have about porn but never dared to ask and of course – about what’s special about clowns…. So if you have any questions you’d like me to ask, this would be the time to mail them to me at: – or drop me a note card in-world.


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