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Magazine editor

Opening page Last Summer

Ever dreamed you was a fashion editor or photo editor of a coolass mag? And being smeared out over several pages in your sexiest styling? I sure have, and when I found this cool editing tool to turn my photos into magazine spreads the idea of an erotic fashiony photo-story was born. I find it enormously pleasing to think of photos as a spread or story – not just as single shots, and I think I am going to play around much more with this.

Spread 1

So, why “Last Summer”? There’s something very erotic about the end of summer. It’s like a doomed love affair – heady, sweet and sensual with the knowlege of dusk slowly creeping in. For fall is lurking just around the corner like a peeping Tom and soon the sweetness will be replaced by darkness tinged with the rich colours of autumn.

Spread 6

Spread 3

Spread 4





These photos reminds me of the last summer of adolecence before life got all serious…You was waking up sexually and still childish enough to play….

Spread 8

Those were the days you would walk on shaky feet into unknown territories, when you had your first clumsy attempts at sex with a best friend or some long forgotten lover –  and when you would practice french kissing with your girlfriend  and  let that badboy from your school get to feel you up in the backseat of his car – people who are long gone from your life but still inhabit a special place in your heart.

Spread 5Spread 7Spread 10





You would giggle like children and edge each other on knowing you were meant to be sexual beasts frolicking in the wild but yet living in a protected cocoon of innocence, like a garden of Eden. That – my readers – is what “Last Summer” is all about – a tribute to erotic innocence.

Spread 14

For this shoot I picked some of the most innocently cute items I have in my inventory. Clothes are amazing – I often find the little items I wear makes me feel more naked than naked….I guess it’s the fetishist in me. A strap here, a peep-hole there and just that bit of skin showing – is delightfully teasing. Please click of the thumbnails to see all the spreads up close.If you would like to see all of these photos up close, please go to my flickr. And by all means leave a comment – I love hearing from you all.

Spread 11aSpread 15Last Spread3





NB! I have not included any credits for clothes in this spread as it’s just a mock spread anyway, but if there is anything at all you wanna know where it’s from, IM me in world and I will try and help you.


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