No need to thank me…just spank me!

Here comes the night…

Slaves 2a

After night number 6 of hardly any sleep I am beginning to see how sleep-deprivation can make you mad. I haven’t slept simply because I have been sick and not dared lay down because I have had visions of never getting back up – so dozing in a half upright position and perhaps slipping off for half an hour or an hour tops nightly has become my new normal. The physical strain is not ideal, but this extreme insomnia’s been interesting in it’s own twisted way and if anything it’s given me the opportunity to see a lot of  trashy TV-programs that I never would have seen otherwise (nasty talkshow-repeats, highly unethical cop-shows, documentaries like “I never knew I had married a serial killer” and anything Chuck Norris). Insomnia has also fuelled my mind with loads of awake-dreams, or maybe they are just feverish visions? I don’t know. But dozing to find out you have entered worlds in your own messed up mind that sets your entire body on fire is quite a sensation. Yes, I am talking “turned on” 🙂

Sleepless nights

These last few nights I have woken in stages of excitement after dreaming ….of slave markets, of gorgeous yet mean Mistresses and devilish Masters bartering over the prices of sweet young ass…. of life in a cage, eating dinner from a dog bowl and crawling to kiss exquisite leather boots…. of selling myself to strangers in dark alleyways… of naked bodies writing on the floor in strange rooms and the sound of voices, loving but strict whispering commands…the sounds of whips and paddles, of palms against naked flesh and cries of pleasure – my own? I don’t know. Am I going mad? Well if this is insanity it’s a lot cooler than it’s reputation, as it paints stories in my head that I know I am going to have to write down soon as I am well enough to work. If I can only remember….so that’s why I sat down to write this post, to force myself to remember even if it takes a lot more strength than I can muster right now…. Anyway, here comes the night again… *kissess*



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