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Some Simple Rules

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Hey, I just thought I’d do a writeup on something that seems to get a tad confusing at times.

As some of you know I am a model and actress (adult movies only) and whereas I’m not exactly SWAMPED in work, I do have a fair bit of assignments and commitments so I thought I’d write down the protocol for how to contact me for a casting or if you have a spesific project with me in mind – either as a model or an actress.


1. Shoot me an IM or send a notecard explaining your project. Doesn’t have to be extremely detailed, just a few words so I can determine if it’s something that would be suitable for me.

2. If I am interested I will IM you and we can agree on a time to meet to discuss said project and you can get to see my avatar live – nude – fully clothes whatever – so see if you think I would be what you are looking for. If not – no hard feelings.

3. Then if we agree we set a date and get to work. Work means work, not “hanging out and see what happens”. I am a professional and expect you to be also.

Please note: I do prefer to work with people who are experienced and can show me work samples in advance. But everybody’s gotta start somewhere and everybody needs a break – so if I find your project interesting I may work with you even if you are a beginner. All I ask is that you are a professional and don’t mistake working with dating. I CAN have sex with you instead of shooting movies/photos – but unless you are an old friend of mine, a crush or lover or someone whom I’ve met on many occations   – sex is gonna cost you. If that’s what you want please be upfront about it and IM me for my escort rates.( don’t be afraid, I’m reasonable and very kinky)

If these simple rules works for you, great. Then I will look forward to hear from you!


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