No need to thank me…just spank me!

Pornstar Vegas

My oh my has it been a while….I had to take a break to go to reha..ooops, I mean on vacation *smiles sheepishly*…but when i came back I got the best surprise ever. Seems Coeur Noir’s movie “Cirque Nuit” has been nominated for best movie  Mister Coeur Noir has been nominated best director and little moi for sexiest actress in the Sexiest Awards 2015! Oh that really made me smile – being nominated is winning in itself and it’s really rewarding when you have worked so hard with a production as we did with “Cirque Nuit”. I am so happy I want to post one of my fave stills from that movie right away…there:

Cirque Noir Poster 2


And if you have not seen “Cirque Nuit” yet I suggest you peel your eyes and click this link…and do leave a comment. When you work long and hard on a project it’s awsome when people actually leave comments or asks you stuff.

Ok so what else up? Ass and titties? It is indeed award season and I see there’s a few more awards going on in SL now also for the adult community, I think it’s amazing especially when those are awards given for commitment, creativity and talent. Oh, and as some of you asked – yes I did leave Twisted Orchid a little while ago because my workload got too big. But – there’s some interesting plans on the horizon when it comes to my stage life and public appearances so stay put, I will reveal more soon as I’m allowed 🙂 Happy horny Sunday everyone!



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