No need to thank me…just spank me!

Here comes the sun…

As you may know Second Life have a great new lifestyle fair just around the corner – Indulgence BDSM & Kink Fair is opening in June. For one whole glorious month they promise a full mesh, custom designed Red Light District and a Sexy Army of the highest quality stars that the SL Adult Entertainment Industry has to offer, so I ‘m like super excited! No stranger to shopping myself I am already counting the days and my lindens LOL. To pass the time I thought I’d work on that nice summer tan…

Sunny 8

What I love about summer is lazy days when all you need is plenty of suntan lotion and a pair of great heels and a wicked mind. Normally I am a beach person – I can vegetate for days and days at a nice sandy beach, dissappear into the pages of a dirty bonkbuster of choice (like vintage Jackie Collins) and just soak up the sun only interrupted by frequent dips in the ocean. But when I found this awsome sundeck at Michigan’s Shack I realized I can have lazy sunny days right here in my own private garden!

Sunny 5

The wooden deck is suspended  from two trees and have towels and pillows already there for your comfort plus tons of animations already built into it for your posing fun – but here I supplied with some of my own poses to show off my…eh well lack of tan lines. Mmm I could use another hottie here with me tho…..

Sunny 7

Nothing quite like enveloping your heated body in the cool sea…ooh goosebumps…the good kind….life is good….

Sunny 4

Michigan’s Shack have plenty of great deals on furniture both adult and PG versions . There really is no limits to how much fun you can have with this great deck plus it looks great too.

Sunny 6

So here I am kicking the new season off in trademark shameless style – wearing nothing but suntan oil, heels and a great smile. Now get your kit off and join me *winks*



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