No need to thank me…just spank me!

The Red Room


Indulgance fair CR3

What a better location for a fetish fashion story than a Red Room of Pain?  On the mock book cover I am wearing a set of Virtuous-Nipple Shields ( Diamanté at Indulgance BDSM & Kink Fair – opens June 1st). The shields and chain are original mesh designs, they sit nice and tight, are easy to fit and comes with a colour change HUD for lots of options for both textures and metals.

Red room 4R1

A bit of foot fetish always gets my credit card going and these fantastic “Gothic Cross” platform shoes (RISQUE) are a strippers dream! And adorned as they are with bullet belts and pistol heels these shoes are just what you need for a killer shopping spree. They are designed for the SLink High feet and also fits the Maitreya mesh body, and come with a hud to change colours and metals. And the way they just sink ever so softly into this soft carpet….oooh gives me goosebumps.

Red room 1R

A dominant look is just a hat away – like this cap (Remarkable Oblivion). The skin tight black latex mini   [I<3F] is a Exclusive for the Indulgence Fair. A good shopping tip: the purple version is 50% off regular price only at the fair! The dress fits perfectly even with my Belleza mesh body – and my nipple shields gets a makeover with the colour change HUD.

Indulgance fair A

I have been in love with blindfolds for a long time. Strange how being depraved one of your senses heightens the others…This adorable blindfold (SilveryK) is especially beautiful with the gold chain adorning it – like a piece of sadistic jewellery. Worn with my Diamanté nipple shields, tightly laced underbust corset (Perception) and a pair of tight red spandex textured tights (Indesicion) I might just be ready for a firm hand…

Indulgance fair B

…so here I lay waiting for whatever comes next…stretching my long legs and enjoying my “Angel” heels (Just Design) all helpless not being able to see…I just listen for your footsteps in the hall…

Red room 3R

…then you come home and undress me…tell me you have a gift for me….just a harness (Dirty Princess) for our afternoon play…and a small box that you set down on the table. Inside, wrapped in soft red tissue paper is this new set of nipple piercings, another original mesh creation (Diamanté). They have same functions as the others, with texture/metal change options. I gasp as the arrows are pushed through my nipples and moan as you secure them in place and tug playfully on the chain. For this I get a ball gag placed in my mouth. “Now” you whisper and licks my ear softly…”You are ready for your spanking…!

Red room 2R

So the blindfold is removed but the gag gets to stay. And I lay here with my plump little ass in the air while I wait for your firm strong hand….

Now for all your kinky needs, visit Indulgence BDSM & Kink Fair which opens on June 1st.



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