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Fetish fashion

Dirty Princess Angels!

Last night it was time for the sexiest show of the year – the Dirty Princess Fashion Show – a showcase for the iconic clothes & shoes, sexy lingerie and original mesh creations of designer Skyler Lebed. I was so thrilled to be invited to walk this show and be a Dirty Princess Angel – who just got her wings this year!

DP show 5

Here’s some postcards from the stage – just snapshots which was all I could do in risk of crashing. But it was really a show to remember and so unlike everything I have done before. So a totally new experience to me!

Dp show 8

Above is Skyler Lebed herself being saluted by her DP Angels.

Dp show 7


Showgirl Style!


Showgirl 6

OMG i was given these amazing stars – the pasties and murkin – by GLITZZ (Indulgence BDSM & KINK Fair) and I just love them. Perfect showgirl style I think! GLITZZ does lots of sexy lingerie with all the best applier systems, a candybox of delights I promise. The killer heels are from…yep you guessed right –  Risqué. They are so aptly named The Mistress Heels and come with a HUD th change both the front strap, the shoe itself and the platform. I am wearing them in my fave colour – bubblegum pink. So, if I walk around with a big smile on and very little else – except these lovely gifts now you know why. Oh and my feather bustle is part of an outfit from Vita’s Boudoir.

Showgirl 5


So why not channel that sexy Vegas chick in yourself and treat you to some glamorous goodies? Never underestimate the power of sprakle *winks* Have a great Monday!

Showgirl 1




The Interrogation Cell

Cell Opening

There are places where they send bad girls. Correctional institutes, girl prisons or even…if the slut in question is bratty enough there is the much feared girls school: The Cell.  Young Sugar had heard from her older girl friends about the Cell, that the girls who were sent there came back broken….no more fighting spirit, no more brattiness, just subdued little sluts who would bend to their Masters every whim. Now Sugar’s Master was away a lot and she was running wild….

Biker chick 1

Chatting up strange men i bars….taking her clothes off for money….even selling her sweet mouth for a few extra dollars…or hey, a candybar! Her sluttyness knew no boundaries and she would just walk the streets at night looking for trouble…

Biker chic 2

And trouble found her, never any problems there. She loved her Johns dumb and horny – so much easier to lure them into her moneygrabbing snare….and into her mouth….The drunk ones were the best because with them she didn’t even have to work too hard for her money. Sometimes she would just steal their wallets and even rob them of the blowjobs… She hunted at night until one evening not long ago….

Cell 1

She was seen! The traitor reported to her Master about her bad behavior and she was told: “Ok this is it, it will be The Cell for you my girl!” Sugar cried and begged and tried all her sweetest moves to be let off but her Master showed no mercy. He dropped her off with the Cell’s staff who promised to do their best to teach her some good manners suitable for a slutty little brat like her. First, they sripped off her clothes. Then the female warden tied back her hair in a tight knot. “Tears will be streaming down your cheeks girl, so you don’t want the hair to stick to your face” she said. Then the male warden came – the women only addressed him as The Male. He sat Sugar down, and tied her wrists and ankles to the chair while he whispered in her ear: “Mmmm you look good….I cannot wait to teach you some manners!”  Her tights were spread wide and there was nothing she could do to cover herself…The Male smiled a cold wolfish smile that never reached his eyes and slipped a hand between her thighs and rubbed her until she was wet and slippery and ready for her first day in The Cell.

Cell 4

Sugar started pulling at her ropes and she yelled and screamed and cussed the place down…bucked her hips and tried her best to get out of the ties – but to no avail. Noone came, noone spoke a word. It was just her and the echoes of her voice as she screamed and fought the tears….As she bucked her hips up high she discovered a sharp wooden pole pop up from a box that had been placed between her feet. As she lowered herself down the hard pole rubbed against her wet pussy and if she was not careful it would spear her…. there was nothing more to do than sit still…and grind herself against the pole…It made her feel strangely aroused and angry at the same time. “How similar those two feelings were!” she thought.

Cell 5

After a while Sugar fell asleep, tired from her ordeal and helpless fights against the ropes around her wrists and ankles. When she woke it had gone dark…she could hear the sound of heels on the wooden floors and soon The Male entered the room. He had a women in black latex with him, Sugar learned she would only be addressed as The Female. The Female started loosening Sugar’s restraints…Sugar gasped with delight to be free of her bondage and started massaging her sore wrists…but then The Male grabbed her firmly and lead her across the floor towards the facing wall. He pushed her hard against the rough concrete while The Female tied her wrists again, this time she was bound to a wooden pole fixed to the wall. The Female then picked a sturdy leather riding crop from the nearby rack. Sugar squirmed as The Male started warming up her ass with some hard spanks with a flat hand before the crop was brought down on her ass again and again until she was red and raw and cried for mercy. From the corner of her eye Sugar could see a curvy young blonde standing by the door. She watching and giggling as if she was watching an entertaining play.

Cell 7

The Female pinched Sugars nipples and whispered in her ear: “I am going to leave you with The Male now….he wants to have his way with you….” Then she marched out of the room and left Sugar with the uniformed Male who was leaning against the wall looking at her. When he spoke his voice was cold, monotonous and completely void of emotion: “Spread your legs for me. ” and when Sugar was slow to react he slapped her already well tanned ass and yanked her head back fixing her with a cold stare from behind his glasses. “Do as you are told was the message” he said and kicked her legs apart with his booted foot. Then he started asking her all kinds of questions about her bad and wicked ways and slapped her ass for every answer she supplied.

Cell 3R

The Male had fun with her all night while the two women had tea in the next room. Sugar could hear them gossip and giggle and whisper – girltalk as if they were just two friends sitting in their parlour gossipping and enjoying themselves. The Male made sure Sugar’s body got no rest. He took off his belt and whipped her ass with it a few times, then made her kiss his hand and thank him. He proceeded to tie her to all kinds of wicked furniture and force her to climax in every way possible while watching. And while her orgasms were hard Sugar felt both horny, helpless and shameful all at the same time… The sensations was incredible and her degradation and submission was soon complete.

Cell 15

“I am tired of you – you bore me now” said The Male. Then he brushed himself off and sneered at her with a look of disgust on his face while staightning his uniform and buckling his belt. Sugar was completely wasted. All she could think of was blissful sleep. She felt used and abused and ready to crawl…..

Cell 17

She was grateful to be thrown down and tied to a cot in the corner of her cell. The Male left…the last she heard was his footsteps down the corridor….After a while – she had no idea how much time had passed – she heard voices outside – girly voices, soft giggles and whispers again….and next she knew she was being lifted from the cot and pushed forward across the wooden chair. The Female and her cute blonde assistant spread her legs wide apart and tied her up: first her ankles and then her wrists, was tied snugly to the chair. Sugar was on display.

Cell 6

Hanging there with her ass in the air, fully exposed Sugar was left until the night turned into day…and the day faded into night.. and yet another day broke…One morning she could hear The Female open a door and say in a cheerful tone. “Welcome Sir! Free entry today, feel free to stay as long as you like”. Then what seemed like an an endless line of men passed Sugar’s cell… looked at her… some pointed, some took pictures, some called her names and discussed what they would love to do to her. And some touched her…a gloved finger here…the tip of a shoe there… Sugar could feel herself get sopping wet and again this strange emotion of shame mixed with desire for more. She blushed and squirmed until she begged… and then, when noone was there she promised to be good if they would only set her free. But noone came to untie her, not yet. When everyone had left the only audible sound was her soft sobs and begging voice echoing down the corridor….

Cell 8- the end

The Cell was based on an idea I got when I discovered The Interrogation Cell – an exclusive release from LadyX for Indulgence BDSM & Kink Fair. The full set has a bed, a torture chair and a wall full of BDSM poses for your captive RP – lots of animations and all realistically textured. The Interrogation Cell uses the no pose ball system AvSitter2. To use just sit on either the Cot or the Chair or the Wall. The first sitter is the sub position, second is the Dom position and the third is for a second Dom for threesome poses. The set has been RLV enabled from a standing position so the Dom  can force sit the sub.  The sub then needs to ask for the cuffs from the menu and will be given a folder, they then just choose wear. Whips, Vibes and Prods all rez with the appropriate pose for the Dom and will request permission to attach to His/Her avatar and if He/She says yes the item will appear in hand.


The Cell Furniture: Lady X exclusive design for  at Indulgence BDSM & Kink Fair

The prefab: “Lorella” Skybox from Glam Affair (Collaborators 88)

The brat: Sugar Vegas

The guards: random sadists from my neighbourhood

Man in bar: random drunken biker

Idea, manuscript and art design: Sugar Vegas


Welcome to my boudoir…


LadyX 4R

Lady of the Manor.. in her corset and her pearls….looking out the window at the man tending the gardens outside….thinking mmmm what it would be like to have his grubby workman’s hands all over her wanton body. With this in mind she slowly sheds her clothes…OK, so this opulent boudoir furniture set (Lady X) really sets my mind racing…dammit if it doesn’t even make me a little poetic! Now…where’s that bottle of absinth and my quill…

LadyX 2R

The Canopy Royale Bed set is  Lady X’s special offer at their store at the upcomming Indulgence BDSM Fair, where it will be sold at a 50 % discount. (They will also release a superhot exclusive at the fair – an interrogation cell that I used for a little story this weekend and will blog a bit later this week – sssh, it’s a secret!). But back to the bedroom 🙂 – this Royal treat includes bed, nightstands, art, and, lamps, candles, chaise, drapes, telephone table with a darling Victorian telephone (no iphones allowed in this room thank you very much!), stack of books, room divider, fireplace an adorable rug with slippers!! Gawd did I forget anyting? Well, this 100% mesh deluxe set has over 600 animations, is Xcite and RLV-compatible, has ropes instead of chains for those lustful love scenes and – it is copy/mod. I would kiss designer Sophia Miasma for less than half of all this in one package. I am sure this room will be in a movie soon *winks*


And last, here’s an interesting note from the designer: To save prims – All non-animated products are mesh and can be linked together after positioning. Mesh behaves differently than regular prims and often when linked will yield lower land impact numbers. Now – for all you prim whores out there (like me) that’s great, right? So even those who haven’t got a massive estate manor to decorate may use this furniture or at least part of it to create their own idea of opulence. Just do NOT link any animated pieces ok, because then the animations won’t work – and ALWAYS save a copy of the original stuff in your inventory in case you mess up…before you get messy *winks* If you want to take a look at all the scrumptious designes at Lady X I have also included a LM for their mainstore, it is a treat I promise.



The Red Room


Indulgance fair CR3

What a better location for a fetish fashion story than a Red Room of Pain?  On the mock book cover I am wearing a set of Virtuous-Nipple Shields ( Diamanté at Indulgance BDSM & Kink Fair – opens June 1st). The shields and chain are original mesh designs, they sit nice and tight, are easy to fit and comes with a colour change HUD for lots of options for both textures and metals.

Red room 4R1

A bit of foot fetish always gets my credit card going and these fantastic “Gothic Cross” platform shoes (RISQUE) are a strippers dream! And adorned as they are with bullet belts and pistol heels these shoes are just what you need for a killer shopping spree. They are designed for the SLink High feet and also fits the Maitreya mesh body, and come with a hud to change colours and metals. And the way they just sink ever so softly into this soft carpet….oooh gives me goosebumps.

Red room 1R

A dominant look is just a hat away – like this cap (Remarkable Oblivion). The skin tight black latex mini   [I<3F] is a Exclusive for the Indulgence Fair. A good shopping tip: the purple version is 50% off regular price only at the fair! The dress fits perfectly even with my Belleza mesh body – and my nipple shields gets a makeover with the colour change HUD.

Indulgance fair A

I have been in love with blindfolds for a long time. Strange how being depraved one of your senses heightens the others…This adorable blindfold (SilveryK) is especially beautiful with the gold chain adorning it – like a piece of sadistic jewellery. Worn with my Diamanté nipple shields, tightly laced underbust corset (Perception) and a pair of tight red spandex textured tights (Indesicion) I might just be ready for a firm hand…

Indulgance fair B

…so here I lay waiting for whatever comes next…stretching my long legs and enjoying my “Angel” heels (Just Design) all helpless not being able to see…I just listen for your footsteps in the hall…

Red room 3R

…then you come home and undress me…tell me you have a gift for me….just a harness (Dirty Princess) for our afternoon play…and a small box that you set down on the table. Inside, wrapped in soft red tissue paper is this new set of nipple piercings, another original mesh creation (Diamanté). They have same functions as the others, with texture/metal change options. I gasp as the arrows are pushed through my nipples and moan as you secure them in place and tug playfully on the chain. For this I get a ball gag placed in my mouth. “Now” you whisper and licks my ear softly…”You are ready for your spanking…!

Red room 2R

So the blindfold is removed but the gag gets to stay. And I lay here with my plump little ass in the air while I wait for your firm strong hand….

Now for all your kinky needs, visit Indulgence BDSM & Kink Fair which opens on June 1st.


Desert Dancer


Desert Dancer 2

To dance, to call attention to your charms as a slave….is there really anything more glorious? After finding these beautiful nipple covers from .K-Otic (Indulgence BDSM & KINK Fair) in my inventory this week I thought it was time to evoke my old talents: the gorean slave dances. Designer Cheyanne Luik have designed these beautiful covers with a keen eye for perfection. They are super easy to fit and modifiable through a HUD which contains 9 different gem and star colour options and 3 different metals. And – serious RPers will be thrilled to see that the designer has includedan RLV-lockabke version as well.

Desert dancer 1

Find these hot nipple covers at .K-Otic’s store at Indugence BDSM & KINK Fair that opens on June 1st. In the meantime you can always check out the .K-Otic mainstore to feed your shopping urge.


I am wearing:

Nipple covers/.K-Otic (Indulgende BDSM & KINK Fair)

Body tattoo/”Crosswind”  White Widow

Harem Pants/ “Starry Night”  LRD

Sandals/ “Bangle Heels” LRD

Hair/ “Mystery” EMO-tions (top) and “Haruka” Argrace




Scandalous 1


I did the shoot for “Hooker Town” – a new story I am writing and for the shoot I picked a mesh body – “Lena Lush” by Kittie’s Lair as I am basically mostly nude in this editorial anyway.  This was my first ever mesh body. I do love the curves and the shape of the butt especially – at the time I felt it was the closest I could get to Wowmeh which i never managed to get before it was banned. I still love to slip into my “Lena Lush” from time to time although the skin and clothing available is a bit limited. But a great body to a very reasonable price.

Scandalous 2

Scandalous 3