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Born To Be Wild

Born to be wild

Channeling my inner BB today and posing with my pack of…ehem…little foxy Fennecs. These little gacha wins from Half-Deer are so cute, they were given to me as a complete set by a good friend and I promised to take these photos as a token of appreciation. So here we are, me and my little foxes….going for a morning stroll by the foggy sea – all in our B-day suits. Happy Friday!

Born to be wild 2



Tan Lines

Sundeck 4r

As the sun is high in the sky, and I have new beach furniture from Michigan’s Shack – I thought today would be the perfect day to recommend some sexy bonkbuster novels for the season. I am an obsessive beach reader, and few things fill me with more joy then lazing in the sun with a good chicklit novel or even a dirty old Harold Robbins book – and just work that tan while I dive into the world of racy sexy romance. As you can see I prefer to tan in the nude, so the only tan lines I get are from an author named J.J Salem. “Tan Lines” used to be one of my fave bonkbuster reads so today I will name that my no 1 summer-recommendation. My J.J Salem-crush actually started with another novel, “The Strip”, which I read on the beach two years ago. I remember being meshmerized by the authors Jackie Collinesque way of writing, so I googled everything he had written and came across “Tan Lines”. It’s a 3-girl story (yea they always are but i LOVE these books) – and tells the tale of a decadent rock star, a feminist commentator and a sugar daddy’s mistress – who all share a place in the Hamptons where well, things happen. It’s juicy, sexy and a little naughty and totally worth your time while you sip an iced marguerita and work on your tan.

Sundeck 1r

My second recommendation would be a classic – “Valley of The Dolls” by Jaqueline Susann. It’s is unabashedly sexy and trashy, I read the entire book in my bathtub one winter when I was ill with the flu and only scented bubble baths, chocolates and coffes laced with brandy made me feel slightly human. Susann was way ahead of her time and may very well have inspired lots of famous authors, like Jackie C and Candace Bushnell to name a few.

Sundeck 3r

My third recommendation today would be another classic from the queen of bonkbusters herself : Jackie Collins’ classic “Chances”. This mighty novel is my fave of the Santangelo chronicles and not just because of the feisty heroine Lucky but of the tales of old Gino Santangelo himself. Nothing like a bit of vintage mobster glamour to set your mind racing – and well a man whos nickname is Gino the ram….say no more *nudge-nudge*. Now out in the sun you go and indulge yourself! I’m off to buy Collins newest novel The Santangelos, and soon as it’s devoured I will give you my verdict.


Spoiled Princess

Sunny 1

You know that feeling of pure selfishness that can be so utterly….divine? Well I am always ready to massage my ego in all the right places – and nothing does that better than shopping, buying something luxurious and insanely expensive like a bottle of champagne or a new designer outfit for my dog… Or even better – a pair of shoes that cost more than Daddy’s car. Oooh I LOVE that kind of spending!

Sunny 2

If you think a Master Card is just for your Daddy or Dom/Domme think again LOL – you can play with it too!! And if you’re caught, shopping bags in hand and Master Card between your teeth…. just show whomever wants to tan your ass how totally hot you look while lounging naked and slightly drunk with all your fresh purchases spread around you…

Sunny 3

Devious shopping fantasies never fails to make me hot…All I wore for this dream sequence was a sexy pair of pink “BUNNY” heels from Hypnose and a smile. The swanky pink lounger “Sunset Love Seat” plays 2 different love scenes – a total of 30 different animations without repeats and over 60 animations with facial expressions. This delight is from the fabulous Michigan’s Shack. The rest….is all me *smiles*

Weapon of Seduction

Pimp my style

There’s just something about nipple jewellery, latex that hugs you tight and exposes vital parts of your physique and a pair of heels that screams *f**ck me* that get’s my blood pumping. And this outfit – classy and erotic – is going to be a fave throughout the summer. The nipple piercings are an original mesh design from Diamanté, they come with a texture change HUD so you can alter the metals and piercings to your choice. The little tease of a latex dress is from I<3F and it actually fits my mesh body – oh yay!

Pimp my feet

The shoes are from Risqué and are aptly named “Bullet Proof Rosary”- they come with a texture and metal change HUD for optimal wear variety and have an incredible platform and high heels in the shape of a gun – a dangerous weapon of seduction. Get all this and more at Indulgence BDSM & Kink Fair. All items (shoes, dress and piercings) will be available at the Indulgence BDSM & Kink Fair – that opens on 1. June 2015

Beige room

Here comes the sun…

As you may know Second Life have a great new lifestyle fair just around the corner – Indulgence BDSM & Kink Fair is opening in June. For one whole glorious month they promise a full mesh, custom designed Red Light District and a Sexy Army of the highest quality stars that the SL Adult Entertainment Industry has to offer, so I ‘m like super excited! No stranger to shopping myself I am already counting the days and my lindens LOL. To pass the time I thought I’d work on that nice summer tan…

Sunny 8

What I love about summer is lazy days when all you need is plenty of suntan lotion and a pair of great heels and a wicked mind. Normally I am a beach person – I can vegetate for days and days at a nice sandy beach, dissappear into the pages of a dirty bonkbuster of choice (like vintage Jackie Collins) and just soak up the sun only interrupted by frequent dips in the ocean. But when I found this awsome sundeck at Michigan’s Shack I realized I can have lazy sunny days right here in my own private garden!

Sunny 5

The wooden deck is suspended  from two trees and have towels and pillows already there for your comfort plus tons of animations already built into it for your posing fun – but here I supplied with some of my own poses to show off my…eh well lack of tan lines. Mmm I could use another hottie here with me tho…..

Sunny 7

Nothing quite like enveloping your heated body in the cool sea…ooh goosebumps…the good kind….life is good….

Sunny 4

Michigan’s Shack have plenty of great deals on furniture both adult and PG versions . There really is no limits to how much fun you can have with this great deck plus it looks great too.

Sunny 6

So here I am kicking the new season off in trademark shameless style – wearing nothing but suntan oil, heels and a great smile. Now get your kit off and join me *winks*



Scandalous 1


I did the shoot for “Hooker Town” – a new story I am writing and for the shoot I picked a mesh body – “Lena Lush” by Kittie’s Lair as I am basically mostly nude in this editorial anyway.  This was my first ever mesh body. I do love the curves and the shape of the butt especially – at the time I felt it was the closest I could get to Wowmeh which i never managed to get before it was banned. I still love to slip into my “Lena Lush” from time to time although the skin and clothing available is a bit limited. But a great body to a very reasonable price.

Scandalous 2

Scandalous 3



Magazine editor

Opening page Last Summer

Ever dreamed you was a fashion editor or photo editor of a coolass mag? And being smeared out over several pages in your sexiest styling? I sure have, and when I found this cool editing tool to turn my photos into magazine spreads the idea of an erotic fashiony photo-story was born. I find it enormously pleasing to think of photos as a spread or story – not just as single shots, and I think I am going to play around much more with this.

Spread 1

So, why “Last Summer”? There’s something very erotic about the end of summer. It’s like a doomed love affair – heady, sweet and sensual with the knowlege of dusk slowly creeping in. For fall is lurking just around the corner like a peeping Tom and soon the sweetness will be replaced by darkness tinged with the rich colours of autumn.

Spread 6

Spread 3

Spread 4





These photos reminds me of the last summer of adolecence before life got all serious…You was waking up sexually and still childish enough to play….

Spread 8

Those were the days you would walk on shaky feet into unknown territories, when you had your first clumsy attempts at sex with a best friend or some long forgotten lover –  and when you would practice french kissing with your girlfriend  and  let that badboy from your school get to feel you up in the backseat of his car – people who are long gone from your life but still inhabit a special place in your heart.

Spread 5Spread 7Spread 10





You would giggle like children and edge each other on knowing you were meant to be sexual beasts frolicking in the wild but yet living in a protected cocoon of innocence, like a garden of Eden. That – my readers – is what “Last Summer” is all about – a tribute to erotic innocence.

Spread 14

For this shoot I picked some of the most innocently cute items I have in my inventory. Clothes are amazing – I often find the little items I wear makes me feel more naked than naked….I guess it’s the fetishist in me. A strap here, a peep-hole there and just that bit of skin showing – is delightfully teasing. Please click of the thumbnails to see all the spreads up close.If you would like to see all of these photos up close, please go to my flickr. And by all means leave a comment – I love hearing from you all.

Spread 11aSpread 15Last Spread3





NB! I have not included any credits for clothes in this spread as it’s just a mock spread anyway, but if there is anything at all you wanna know where it’s from, IM me in world and I will try and help you.