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Spoiled Princess

Sunny 1

You know that feeling of pure selfishness that can be so utterly….divine? Well I am always ready to massage my ego in all the right places – and nothing does that better than shopping, buying something luxurious and insanely expensive like a bottle of champagne or a new designer outfit for my dog… Or even better – a pair of shoes that cost more than Daddy’s car. Oooh I LOVE that kind of spending!

Sunny 2

If you think a Master Card is just for your Daddy or Dom/Domme think again LOL – you can play with it too!! And if you’re caught, shopping bags in hand and Master Card between your teeth…. just show whomever wants to tan your ass how totally hot you look while lounging naked and slightly drunk with all your fresh purchases spread around you…

Sunny 3

Devious shopping fantasies never fails to make me hot…All I wore for this dream sequence was a sexy pair of pink “BUNNY” heels from Hypnose and a smile. The swanky pink lounger “Sunset Love Seat” plays 2 different love scenes – a total of 30 different animations without repeats and over 60 animations with facial expressions. This delight is from the fabulous Michigan’s Shack. The rest….is all me *smiles*


Born Bad

Born bad

If this blogpost has a themesong – it should be the old disco hit Bad Girls by Donna Summer – I totally felt like a dirtyass streetwalker shooting these photos and video. Yea – a good feeling I might add – after all, money and sex you know….LOL well – the FANTASY of streetwalking is good anyway. And this fantasy became all the more real with the right animations….You see –  Coeur Noir and I had the honour of testing the new The Cocksucker 2-HUD from Warm Animations the other night. In addition to the smooth beautiful movements we are used to from this animator the HUD is a new generation of animations that don’t need rights to rez to play, giving you the option to play anywhere. It also have a perfect matching system that makes it easy to use and fit with your avi. Perfect huh?

New cock 2

Well, that’s not all! Because shapes vary in SL Warm Animations have used their own standard male and female shape designing this (they come with the pack), so if you slip into them you will get a 100% perfect match – or you can use the PageUp and PageDown commands to change your hight positions.The owner of the Hud must have RLVa Active in the viewer preferences to play. 􀀃 If you are a male Dom this will only ensure that your avatar move in the direction and rotation of your partner. CockSuckR II is now available as an exclusive release at Indulgence BDSM & Kink Fair for the next to weeks, before it travels to the Warm Animations mainstore. If you would like to take a look what it looks like in action – see it here.

New cock 1

See them out on the street at night, walkin’
Picking up on all kinds of strangers
If the price is right
You can’t score if you’re pocket’s tight
But you want a good time…..Bad Girls…..Toot Toot Hey Beep Beep *winks*

Weapon of Seduction

Pimp my style

There’s just something about nipple jewellery, latex that hugs you tight and exposes vital parts of your physique and a pair of heels that screams *f**ck me* that get’s my blood pumping. And this outfit – classy and erotic – is going to be a fave throughout the summer. The nipple piercings are an original mesh design from Diamanté, they come with a texture change HUD so you can alter the metals and piercings to your choice. The little tease of a latex dress is from I<3F and it actually fits my mesh body – oh yay!

Pimp my feet

The shoes are from Risqué and are aptly named “Bullet Proof Rosary”- they come with a texture and metal change HUD for optimal wear variety and have an incredible platform and high heels in the shape of a gun – a dangerous weapon of seduction. Get all this and more at Indulgence BDSM & Kink Fair. All items (shoes, dress and piercings) will be available at the Indulgence BDSM & Kink Fair – that opens on 1. June 2015

Beige room

Pornstar Vegas

My oh my has it been a while….I had to take a break to go to reha..ooops, I mean on vacation *smiles sheepishly*…but when i came back I got the best surprise ever. Seems Coeur Noir’s movie “Cirque Nuit” has been nominated for best movie  Mister Coeur Noir has been nominated best director and little moi for sexiest actress in the Sexiest Awards 2015! Oh that really made me smile – being nominated is winning in itself and it’s really rewarding when you have worked so hard with a production as we did with “Cirque Nuit”. I am so happy I want to post one of my fave stills from that movie right away…there:

Cirque Noir Poster 2


And if you have not seen “Cirque Nuit” yet I suggest you peel your eyes and click this link…and do leave a comment. When you work long and hard on a project it’s awsome when people actually leave comments or asks you stuff.

Ok so what else up? Ass and titties? It is indeed award season and I see there’s a few more awards going on in SL now also for the adult community, I think it’s amazing especially when those are awards given for commitment, creativity and talent. Oh, and as some of you asked – yes I did leave Twisted Orchid a little while ago because my workload got too big. But – there’s some interesting plans on the horizon when it comes to my stage life and public appearances so stay put, I will reveal more soon as I’m allowed 🙂 Happy horny Sunday everyone!


Check out The Hotties!

Cum play with us Danny forever and ever

My special Hotties Halloween pic – see all the sexy Hotties here:

THE HOTTIES: Sexy Halloween: Well on this spooky day, with all things scary on Halloween. We at the Hotties thought we would bring you a mix of scary and sexy combined, …

My Fetish Diary: E for Exhibitionist

My fetish diary 11

‘Do you like being watched?’ said the one in the shadows. Sugar couldn’t quite figure him out but the deepness of the voice made it fair to assume it was a male. The question posed always sent shivers down her spine. She knew the answer and it made no sense to be coy about it.

‘Yes, I like being watched” she said and positioned herself  so that she revealed just that little more of naked flesh. Spreading her legs she felt a rush of adrenalin surge through her. The muscles of her inner thighs tensed – there really was no better workout than flashing she thought and smiled to herself and to the one she could not see. A sigh came from the shadows. Sugar assumed he was entertained.

‘Do you like not being seen?’ she whispered as she let a hand slide slowly down her midriff and travel south. The shadow didn’t answer and for a minute she feared she had crossed a line – that he was the one to ask questions and she to reply. After all she was the one getting paid to expose herself. But then to her surprise he leaned forward, just enough for her to see that his face was covered by an ornate gold venetian mask. Behind lips of frozen gold he whispered:

‘Yes. I like to watch. I am The Voyeur.”

She bathed in pink stage lights, her warm olive skin glowing against luxurious lingerie – flimsy garments designed more to expose than to cover. Her hand reached her crotch. Cupping her darkened labia she squeezed lightly and pressed the hand had against her tender clit. She felt a steady throbbing down below, a tightening of muscles and so bucked her hips forward to meet her firm and greedy hand. Slow and steady she rocked her hips back and forth, her firm young breasts softly jiggeling, pierced nipples on alert.  There was nothing that could make her climax harder than pleasuring herself in front of a complete stranger, someone who had no intention of becoming any more than that. A stranger in the dark. He made her juices flow almost as much as her probing fingers did. She reveled in being his seductive marionette, a flirtateous sex-puppet on a string for him. A slave to the gaze.Was he aroused?

She couldn’t tell for sure how much but she sensed his heat in the dark – could almost feel the weight of his stare as she bared herself. And had she turned the music off and listened closer she would have heard his breath – how it become more and more rapid in the dark where he chose to hide. With a slutty grin she stared into the darkness, spread her legs and pleased herself quite shamelessly until her orgasm took hold. Nipples tingling with excitement she rode the wave – let the heat fill her loins like molten honey. And for a moment there was nothing else – she was her sex and that was all she was.  She saw movement in the corner where The Voyeur sat. She heard him draw his card. Then footsteps in the dark. Gone. ‘

Carries 5

For this act of flashing I’m wearing sexy hot pink lingerie and nylons from Carrie’s Lingerie, heels from N-Core, jewellery from Mandala and Donna Flora and hair from boon.

Scary Alice

Alice Halloween!

The lovely people at Carrie’s Lingerie sent me this sexy little number as a gift and that means my outfit for tonight was sorted – have you gotten yours? Hope you have fun with your ticks and treats tonight, now I’m off to pull some tricks of my own *winks* – see you soon!