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Partying the weekend away….

Elysion Route 66

I love going to parties at the weekend and especially at Club Elysion because they are the best! The owners build the most awsome party sets and always pick really cool themes. This weekend I believe the theme is dreams and PJs – and what makes the parties special is that the VIPs do dress up and go to great lenghts with theme-appropriate styling. Last weekend the theme was Route 66 and alternative hippies/bikers/sixties style. I opted for a pair of cutoff denims and a fringe top and a huge afro – so yep alternative/hippie was perfect for me while my date Mr. Coeur Nuit wore his leathers, engineer boots and a bandana – more or less his regular look anyway so perfect for him.

Elysion Route 66 2

Here I’m barefoot at home before tp’ing to Elysion channeling my inner Woodstock goddess. The expression “groovy” comes to mind….

Elysion Route 66 3

So I get a little drunk and a little sentimental at sad songs….

Elysion Route 66 4

And at the after party we continued to dance at our own private beach only lit by floating water lanterns… and we skinnydipped in the cool ocean…. so romantic….

Elysion Route 66 5

….before getting a bit philosophical – or maybe just very VERY drunk – ….and ending up falling asleep on the pier naked until the sun and birdsong woke me up on Sunday morning. A perfect weekend…<3

Elysion Route 66 6


Scary Monsters & Happy Halloween!

Party Opening

Just thought I’d post some pics from last weeks Halloween party at Club Elysion – so many awsome costumes! I really love when people puts some serious effort into dressing up when it is a costume party. And the Elysion crew are brillinat at this – that’s why theres never any shortage of costume balls there. I love that! For someone who spends majority of her working hours naked or dressed in little more than heels and body oil a costume party is a great way to relax and have fun. So feast your eyes on these photos and grab inspiration for the comming weekend – do check out Elysion’s website because every weekend there it’s a costume ball (remember it’s a members only club, but you can purchase membership at the entry gates). There’s also at least 3 days of Halloween fun at Twisted Orchid BDSM Club – with “Who’s afraid of the big bad wolf ” with DJ Maric today starting at 10 am SLT, and then a naughty event after with DJ Babygirl Diavolo spinning the tunes and as usual a stage full of hot sexy girls taking it all off for you. Tomorrow it’s time for Twisted Orchid’s  Grotesque Burlesque and Insane Asylum on Sunday! If this isn’t enough spooky stuff for you, I can tell you that  from now on the TO’s Carrie’s Lingerie event has been changed to a Fetish Ball as a regular event on Sundays starting at 10 am SLT. I do hope you will come down this weekend and get me naked! ❤

Party A with pumpkinsParty B with pumpkinsParty c with pumpkins