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The Sexiest Awards 2015

Oh we are so exited and honoured that our movie “Cirque Nuit” was nominated for several awards this year!

Sexiest 2015 b

Here’s Coeur Noir and me sharing a glass of champagne before heading off to the Sexiest Awards 2015 where Coeur Noir was nominated for best movie, best director and I was nominated as best actress. Ok so we didn’t win but still – I feel the nomination is a win in itself. And 3 new trophies for our mantlepiece!

Sexiest 2015 c 1

And we certainly did our best to clean up on the dancefloor at the after-party. All in all an awsome evening. And who knows – next time it might be our turn!

Sexiest 2015 a1



Under My Thumb

Warm 6

The title is my fave Rolling Stones song and I think these photographs illustrates that incredible feeling of submission and what it means to be under someones thumb…This deluxe Slave Collar from Warm Animations  (Indulgence BDSM & Kink Fair) comes with tons of beautiful couple poses for you and your Dom/Domme to enjoy. The transitions between animations are so smooth and realistic you will understand why Warm Animation’s designs are the favourite among machinima makers and avid roleplayers. No weird jumping around here – just a beautiful flow of movements.

Warm 7

The gift of submission is is beautiful but don’t forget so is the act of dominance – it is not just the bottom that should be celebrated as the one who gives a gift – the Dom/Domme gives a huge gift by devoting their precious time on the sub’s needs and desires….and what better place to play it out then with this beautiful collar from Warm Animations? Check more photos at my flickr.

Warm 8


Something Warm


Warm 2

The worst punishment of all is being kept tied up,  blindfolded and waiting…It’s a sure way to make those complex emotions well up and fill your body until you are so aroused you think you could climax at the mere touch of a feather. The most tintillating play is not always in the big gestures, sometimes it’s the smallest movements or softest whispers that will make you yearn for release…

Warm 1

Working in the adult film industry I am always on the lookout for good animations. And when it comes to smoothness, creativity and overall elegant design few can beat Warm Animations. For Indulgence BDSM and Kink Fair they have among other items this luxurious Chesterfield couch and equally stylish BDSM armchair, each smelling of old money and fresh action *winks*. Both pieces of furniture comes with tons of animations and poses perfect for realistic play. What amazes me especially about Warm Animations’ designs are the smooth transitions between poses – unfortunately a bit hard to show here in static photographs – but there is a reason why so many adult movie makers love this brand, so if you want to invest in some quality sex furniture go check out their store at Indulgance BDSM and Kink Fair and try them out for yourself.

Scary Monsters & Happy Halloween!

Party Opening

Just thought I’d post some pics from last weeks Halloween party at Club Elysion – so many awsome costumes! I really love when people puts some serious effort into dressing up when it is a costume party. And the Elysion crew are brillinat at this – that’s why theres never any shortage of costume balls there. I love that! For someone who spends majority of her working hours naked or dressed in little more than heels and body oil a costume party is a great way to relax and have fun. So feast your eyes on these photos and grab inspiration for the comming weekend – do check out Elysion’s website because every weekend there it’s a costume ball (remember it’s a members only club, but you can purchase membership at the entry gates). There’s also at least 3 days of Halloween fun at Twisted Orchid BDSM Club – with “Who’s afraid of the big bad wolf ” with DJ Maric today starting at 10 am SLT, and then a naughty event after with DJ Babygirl Diavolo spinning the tunes and as usual a stage full of hot sexy girls taking it all off for you. Tomorrow it’s time for Twisted Orchid’s  Grotesque Burlesque and Insane Asylum on Sunday! If this isn’t enough spooky stuff for you, I can tell you that  from now on the TO’s Carrie’s Lingerie event has been changed to a Fetish Ball as a regular event on Sundays starting at 10 am SLT. I do hope you will come down this weekend and get me naked! ❤

Party A with pumpkinsParty B with pumpkinsParty c with pumpkins

Strippers Confidential

Book 1

What REALLY goes on in a strip club is fascinating and it spans from the sexy and sometimes kinky to the downright hilarious and seriously aggravating. To write this book would be professional harakiri but sometimes I amuse myself with thoughts of what a juicy read it could be. Ok it’s not gonna happen, not from me anyway. But a few general observations can’t hurt, can it? I know y’all will find this funny if you have ever been in a strip club in RL or SL – they are fascinating sociological laboratories. So sit back and enjoy – here’s a closer look at what archetypes of the demimonde who you’re most likely to run into if you go to a strip club in Second Life:

Dancer types:

The Goodtime Gals/Guys. They are the ones who dance because they love the social interaction, and regards stripping in a club as a chance hang out, flirt and have fun, and tips is just the icing on the cake. For good time gals/guys club life is more about having a blast than anything else. And these dancers probably makes the best company seen from the guests point of view, as they are always bubbly, lively and game for a laugh. I know some amazing goodtime gals/guys and count them as my best friends. They are also wonderfully drama-free. Some of the highest tipped dancers I know are good time gals/guys. They are genuinely interested in talking to people and enjoy themselves at events and parties – put people at ease – make the club feel friendly and they make you smile – great quality.

Then you have The Professional: They are up on that stage to earn a living and are prepared to work hard  – WITHIN their working hours. While there they are professional charmers who usually do not date outside the club and will politely turn down any offers of meeting up when they are not working. Some people appear to have issues with this type of dancer and many a time have I heard a guest say “oh so you are only nice to me if i give you money?” – which reveals a total lack of understanding of the dynamics of a stripper/VIP relation. A lot of really fabulously sexy girls/guys are pros, and just because they are working doesn’t mean they aren’t genuine and friendly.  They just do not give in to crushes and would never message a patron outside the club boundaries. Treat a professional well and she/he will treat you like royalty, give you the time of your life, and you will most likely have a friendship built on understanding and mutual respect. A good professional will be your confidante, make no other demands other than respect and a tip for her time.

The 3rd group of dancers are The Cherry Pickers: Probably no need to go to great lenghts to describe who they are. Cherry Pickers are the dancers who only come to the club to dance if they sense there’s action = money to be made. They will stay away at slow times and quite shamelessly crash any shift there is – IF they get a whiff of a high roller in the house. With little or no regard for their fellow dancers who faithfully work their shifts even when it’s quiet in the club the cherry pickers pop up to grab some cash and then leave again soon as the tipper leaves. Sadly enough customers don’t know or don’t care. But the rest of the club’s staff does. So shame on you, cherry pickers and the people who tip you – it’s a bit like stealing from hard working dancers.

Then – there is the Patrons/guests

They basically come in several categories, i have named 5: the regulars, the high rollers, the cheats, the moralists and people looking for a possible girl/boyfriend. Not counting noobs obviously.

The regulars: Most regulars are nice and easy, they come to hang out, chat amiably and tip if they feel like it or if they can. If they cannot – it’s ok. We understand. I think flirting and great conversation is nice as well if it doesn’t come with a hidden agenda of scoring for free. I have known people who’s never tipped for as long as I have known them but they are nice to talk to and a laugh to be around so I’m totally good with it. Other regulars always tip well but we would love them anyway – a regular guest comes in because he or she likes the club and our company so what’s not to like about them? Dancers needs to treat regulars well, they are the salt of the clubs earth. I have some regulars that I like so much I wouldn’t care if they owed me money – they are just that special. So don’t say dancers are only after money. We are a lot like human beings – just with better bodies.

The high rollers – they are – as the label says – people who tip hard. Usually they expect flirting back and get it. I mean who wouldn’t flirt with someone who totally get who and what you are? High rollers are sexy. Period. Enough said.

The cheats: These type of guests are out to either 1: score a dancer for free  or 2: insult a the dancer if she doesn’t take his/her bait.

Insults can be engaging a dancer in private conversations and expect the dancers sole attention while not tipping  a penny and then accusing the dancer of ignoring you if she/he doesn’t reply. Insults can be sitting in the front row (the erection section) and not tipping or talking at all. And then you have the worst ones who like to talk down to dancers because they think they have the upper hand just because they can put money in a dancer’s tip jar. People who use money as a weapon to make dancers feel bad – go away already – we don’t need your crappy cash. Stuff it up your ass – hopefully bleached  – to quote my favourite DJ Penny Parkin.  Just remember – we don’t HAVE to behave just because you are a guest.  Then you have the patrons who think they are soooo good looking they have to boast loudly in public chat: “ooh i NEVER pay for it – I don’t have to!” I’m sorry, if you don’t like strippers wtf are you doing in a strip club? There’s free sex places where you most days can pick up a truly sex starved drifter for the night no matter how you look. And as for looks,  keep in mind that noone – I repeat NOONE – is so good looking they should get away with crap attitudes. Let’s face it – in SL we can ALL be great looking and own a prancing AKEYO overrider, it’s just a matter of animations, skins and sliders. So come on, behave.

And then there’s the lovely little moralists: They come into a club with a title saying things like “DON’T even try” – “VERY married” or “Totally taken by ONE” – and stuff like that. Don’t be an idiot folks, we dancers can read and we check profiles. If you are partnered and obviously not out to score any private time we won’t harass you – but we WILL flirt. It’s our job – get it?

The ones looking for a girl/boyfriend: I’m not saying it’s impossible to chat up a stripper and fall in love, even live happily ever after. But usually strippers dance for tips. So why flirt with strippers if you just want company and possibly someone to date?  There’s plenty of regular dance clubs where you can meet people that way and nicely so. A stripper/escort is a professional entertainer/courtesan, we’re not anymore easy than any other person you’re likely to meet in a club, plus – disrespecting what dancers do probably means you should not be in a strip club in the first place.

Oh and yea – love to hear your comments on this one!

Stupid Cupid Me

Sometimes…you are just given something so irresistably cute like this outfit named “Stupid Cupid”  from .::Pink Sugah::. – even the store has a yummy name right? And OMG – they even have a pink helicopter on the roof of the mainstore!

Stupid Cupid 4

Well naturally I had to feed my vanity and pose in it and now I cannot make up my mind if I like the pink or the yellow…or the pink…or the yellow….. “Stupid Cupid comes with a skimpy tie front bra top, matching garter belt and panties, a super short skirt, cute Cupid’s bow and arrow so that you can shoot someone you want to leave your amourous mark on :)and a nice pose for it – PLUS appliers for several mesh breasts as well as phatazz – which I cannot afford just yet *bawls*. Anyway, wanna see more pics of me wearing it you can check my flickr page or the SeXXX Sells flickr group

Stupid Cupid 3

But what do you think – are you a pink lady or a mellow yellow girl? Well – only so long to find out because the outfits will be released at SeXXX Sells that opens in only a few days, 17th of January to be exact – so make sure you check that out. It will be sims full of naugties!! In the meantime you can always pop over to .::Pink Sugah::. and burn some lindens – it is after all January and cold and miserable. So that way at least you know your credit card will be warm 🙂

Stupid Cupid 2

You really can’t own an outfit called “Stupid Cupid” without thinking of the classic Howard Greenfield & Neil Sedaka song – I think Connie Francis who had a hit with it first in 1958 according to wiki – but I could be wrong tho. Still – I am forever in love with Wanda Jacksons version, firstly because I’m a rockabilly gal at heart and second I adore her raunch – it makes me want to dance so much I added it here for you to listen to as I flaunt my body shamelessly for you today. So what’s it gonna be – pink or yellow???

Sexy on a Budget: St.Patrick’s Day

StPaddy A
Yay soon St. paddy’s people! So I thought I’d do a budget take on dressing for events. Putting together a winning outfit for an event, a costume party or a contest CAN be extremely expensive and stressful BUT it can also be incredibly economical if you just dedicate a little time to plan. Pick your theme and browse your fave shops and Marketplace well in time to make sure you come up with somethinh unique that is also affordable.
StPaddy B
I love burlesque and decided right away I wanted something showgirly in the right St Paddy emeralds. Of course it’s cheapest to go naked lol but second best is to dress up in something daring and revealing that shows just enough skin.
At !devious Mind they have lucky chairs with some yummy burly accessories and I was lucky to grab myself these feather fans there for 0 lindens! The feather boa was a lucky find at Marketplace as was the disco dress that comes with lovely sparkly earrings and as a special touch – a small top hat on the left breast!. The cute heels with pretty bows on the ankle straps were an incredible bargain also at Marketplace.
StPaddy C

All was bought at Marketplace except the fans. For my hair I just recoloured “Leesa” – an old do from Truth that I already had in my inventory. Pretty va va-voom or what? And only 120 lindens spent!
Happy St.Paddy’s!

Dress: Chrysalis “Limelight” – 80L
Boa: ! Laville “A Few Feathers Boa” in teal – 30L
Shoes: Masha “Dee Dee” in red – 10L
Fans: !devious Mind – FREE!