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Naughty GeishaLand

Geishaland 1

When a gentleman comes to call at our Shibari House of Ill Repute we put on our best adornments and makes sure he gets whatever it is he wants….. Here, behind our closed doors dollar is king – and everything is available to the man with money. So he might want a little eastern flair with his tied up toy?  A little nasty with the nice? Spice with his Sugar? No problem. We bring the ropes with our teeth, and on hands and knees lead him to the shibari room, calls him our special Danna, kneels and let him tie those tight knots of love before he takes our virginity. And best of all – he can take it over and over – we are ALL virgins here. Every day, every night.

Geishaland 2

Spanking, fingering, whipping and caning can be part of the deal for patrons with discerning tastes….and we take it with a gasp and a smile because there’s few things that can compare with hanging helplessly tied and blindfolded at a stranger’s mercy…All you hear is breathing – his and yours and your thumping heartbeat while you wait for the next move….feeling the ropes dig into your flesh as you wiggle and squirm…but you are caught in the spider’s web and there’s no escape….

Geishaland 3

A full blown shibari session might start sweet with a bit of fingering and end in full blown sex – anal or regular depending on your patron’s demands and needs… swinging helplessly as you are speared again and again on his rock hard cock gives a rush for both…..

Geishaland 4

And who says “kissing’s not included?” Our Danna’s every desire should be met with gratitude and grace….and if he wants to kiss after the act of making love…it is rather sweet, no?

Geishaland 5


This classic shibari rack is a spanking new release designed by Warm Animations. It comes with the ropeworks and the racks have the usual elegant animations we have come to expect from warm Animations – and is  available at Warm Animations mainstore and at ROMP. All YOU need bring to the party is your insatiable appetite and dirty mind.

Warm Animations offers customers this RLV Help

1: you want to be sure your victim as the RLVa feature on in her viewer preferences 􀀀- it should look like this:


2: you want to be sure she its wearing a RLV Relay, you can send one for your victim by clicking on Give Folders button on this RLV menu.

3: warns your victim that she should never ever rez her Dominatech Relay 2.1 on the floor, trust me this can be very annoying for her..
This RLV menu features:

After you have captured your victim and forced her to sit on this object, she will be 100% vulnerable for you for 5 minutes, you can always increase the time on Time* menu and you also can RELEASE her any time by clicking on RELEASE Button. You also have a wide range of restrictions that you can infringe your victim on the Restrict* menu such like Lock her Inventory, rights to wear, to IM, use the local Chat, see the names of the avatars, Rez objects, Touch on objects, Edit Objects, look on the Map, Teleport to somewhere.. And you also have a Button that apply all the restrictions at once or take all the restrictions at once! Wear Folder* Menu this is a Browser that search on your victim #RLV Folder by folders where she have have Folders and Sub Folders with wearable toys, Outfits, etc.. and you can forced her to wear them by clicking on [+ ADD ALL] in the folder or sub-folder you chose before. Strip Cloths* Menu similar to the wear folder menu but instead of forced her to wear, you forced her to strip. Fast Strip Button that its visible on the Wear Folder* menu and StripCloths menu as well as the RLV Main Menu Strip all the cloths only keeping the hair of the victim.

Sounds like fun? Then to Warm Animations store at ROMP and pick up a shibari set for yourself and a victim of choice *winks*


Spoiled Princess

Sunny 1

You know that feeling of pure selfishness that can be so utterly….divine? Well I am always ready to massage my ego in all the right places – and nothing does that better than shopping, buying something luxurious and insanely expensive like a bottle of champagne or a new designer outfit for my dog… Or even better – a pair of shoes that cost more than Daddy’s car. Oooh I LOVE that kind of spending!

Sunny 2

If you think a Master Card is just for your Daddy or Dom/Domme think again LOL – you can play with it too!! And if you’re caught, shopping bags in hand and Master Card between your teeth…. just show whomever wants to tan your ass how totally hot you look while lounging naked and slightly drunk with all your fresh purchases spread around you…

Sunny 3

Devious shopping fantasies never fails to make me hot…All I wore for this dream sequence was a sexy pair of pink “BUNNY” heels from Hypnose and a smile. The swanky pink lounger “Sunset Love Seat” plays 2 different love scenes – a total of 30 different animations without repeats and over 60 animations with facial expressions. This delight is from the fabulous Michigan’s Shack. The rest….is all me *smiles*

Scary Monsters & Happy Halloween!

Party Opening

Just thought I’d post some pics from last weeks Halloween party at Club Elysion – so many awsome costumes! I really love when people puts some serious effort into dressing up when it is a costume party. And the Elysion crew are brillinat at this – that’s why theres never any shortage of costume balls there. I love that! For someone who spends majority of her working hours naked or dressed in little more than heels and body oil a costume party is a great way to relax and have fun. So feast your eyes on these photos and grab inspiration for the comming weekend – do check out Elysion’s website because every weekend there it’s a costume ball (remember it’s a members only club, but you can purchase membership at the entry gates). There’s also at least 3 days of Halloween fun at Twisted Orchid BDSM Club – with “Who’s afraid of the big bad wolf ” with DJ Maric today starting at 10 am SLT, and then a naughty event after with DJ Babygirl Diavolo spinning the tunes and as usual a stage full of hot sexy girls taking it all off for you. Tomorrow it’s time for Twisted Orchid’s  Grotesque Burlesque and Insane Asylum on Sunday! If this isn’t enough spooky stuff for you, I can tell you that  from now on the TO’s Carrie’s Lingerie event has been changed to a Fetish Ball as a regular event on Sundays starting at 10 am SLT. I do hope you will come down this weekend and get me naked! ❤

Party A with pumpkinsParty B with pumpkinsParty c with pumpkins

Whore Couture

So…I went to the Whore Couture Fair and blew all my money – the lindens I had saved to buy myself a set of Lola implants – bawls!!! But since I now have an inventory full of new yummy clothes I may as well show them off.
The shorts are from *T Whore and I just ❤ how they hug my ass. And to the neighbours who shouted at me from the sim next door: No, there’s absolutely nothing you can help me with. Do I LOOK like I’m a girl who needs help? Not unless you wanna spank me and HARD!! And in there shorts you just may want to….

The slutty little micro mini skirt I am almost wearing above is from Razor comes with the fishnet tights. Spiky booties from TARA. Below: top and shorts from *T Whore.

And at the bottom:  minidress from N.S – Nani Soulstar – and has built in boobies – yay!- all sold at Whore Couture.


Sexy on a Budget: St.Patrick’s Day

StPaddy A
Yay soon St. paddy’s people! So I thought I’d do a budget take on dressing for events. Putting together a winning outfit for an event, a costume party or a contest CAN be extremely expensive and stressful BUT it can also be incredibly economical if you just dedicate a little time to plan. Pick your theme and browse your fave shops and Marketplace well in time to make sure you come up with somethinh unique that is also affordable.
StPaddy B
I love burlesque and decided right away I wanted something showgirly in the right St Paddy emeralds. Of course it’s cheapest to go naked lol but second best is to dress up in something daring and revealing that shows just enough skin.
At !devious Mind they have lucky chairs with some yummy burly accessories and I was lucky to grab myself these feather fans there for 0 lindens! The feather boa was a lucky find at Marketplace as was the disco dress that comes with lovely sparkly earrings and as a special touch – a small top hat on the left breast!. The cute heels with pretty bows on the ankle straps were an incredible bargain also at Marketplace.
StPaddy C

All was bought at Marketplace except the fans. For my hair I just recoloured “Leesa” – an old do from Truth that I already had in my inventory. Pretty va va-voom or what? And only 120 lindens spent!
Happy St.Paddy’s!

Dress: Chrysalis “Limelight” – 80L
Boa: ! Laville “A Few Feathers Boa” in teal – 30L
Shoes: Masha “Dee Dee” in red – 10L
Fans: !devious Mind – FREE!

Sexy on a budget

Outfit 1_001

When you’re new to Second Life and come into the metaverse with 0 lindens on your account it’s hard to get dressed up real hot and sexy. And I have found latex wear of good quality to be exceptionally expensive and often a no-no for a new avatar.

But with a lot of patience and a bit of fashion flair you can actually find some good bargains out there and put together some va-va-voom outfits on a superslim budget. It just takes time to suss out the brands to search for and keep a keen eye for the sales, group gifts and other freebes as well as priced down or downright inexpensive fashion items.

Outfit 1_002

Today I am wearing a super sexy ensemble I put together for the insanely low price of 145 lindens. The mesh corset is a priced down promotion offer at Marketplace and the black shiny latex booty shorts from Immerschoen (fantastic brand for reasonably priced latex!)

Fierce design «Sexy Sculpted Boots» in gold – 5L

Immerschoen «Fetish» Girl Latex Shorts – 85 L

JRC Promo Mesh black leather laced up corset in 5 sizes – 50 L

The studded heart earrings are from Glam Affair, a bargain you can find at The Dressing Room

Good luck with your bargain hunt – and do come back soon for more sexy fetish fashion on a budget! *kiss-kiss*

Festival of Sin

Sluttiness must be in vogue! First it is the Festival of Sin which I visited this week, and next there is the Whore Couture event starting soon. Could it get any better? The text on the invite for the Festival of Sin draws you in like this: ” If you’re easily offended or grossed out… you’re in the wrong place. May I suggest you visit something that doesn’t offend your sensibilities… a church perhaps?” Haha, of course like a moth to the flame I tp’d in –  these words are just impossible to resist right. So clever LOL. Well here’s some photos of what to expect:.

The Festival of Sin is basically a shopping bonanza but with some dirty novelties thrown in – like bots of naked noobs following you into filthy slum bathrooms LOL – but what girl doesn’t like to wallow in filth and shopping? Celebrating the 7 Deadly Sins, the sim is divided into greed, gluttony,lust, envy – well you get the drill – and the good news (if that’s not good enough LOL) theres a bunch of top designer stores there, Miamai, Tableau Vivant, Sn@tch, Izzie’s, Elefantu etc etc so you can grab some good bargains on poses, clothes and accessories – even furniture. So I thought it was only right to indulge in some over-spending – is that a sin? Hm maybe that’s one I just made up. Anyways, I had Daddy’s credit card at hand and was not afraid to use it. Here’s some of the goodies I picked up along my road to damnation:

First I figured it was time to try some MESH goodies. To the left I am wearing the demo version of [Aura]s Bound – MESH Corset corset size L. As you can see my boobs are poking out on the sides, this is one thing about rigged MESH, if the biggest size doesnt fit youre more or less f**ed. Oh well. The earrings is Shoya – a free gift from A:S:S deLuxe. Other than that I’m wearing bikini pants are (old),hair is free gift from D!iva & shoes and leggings are from GField (not in the festival). To the right, I am wearing MESH hair – so cool to find a beehive style as they are my faves. This one is from Alice Project and called Kiera. Skirt and top from SLink (not in the Festival)

From leftThis cool top from.:* LOULOU&CO *:. is called :: GOD SAVE THE QUEEN ! Yep that appeals to the punk in me. And it has tons of wear options, with and without fishnet layer and nipple tape. I’m wearing it with my denim shorts from {mon tissu}  (not in the festival) and cute, shiny lipstick print leggings “Kisses” from Alexohol. To the right I have stripped it down and mixed it with shorts from Elymode (comes with a MESH skirtpart so you can wear it as a mini skirt) and tattoo from Delusions.All hairs from D!iva and shoes from G-field and Nardcotix (not in the festival).

Ok – before you enter the Festival of Sin you will be asked to strip off excessive prims and scripts for things to work better for everyone. I noticed people put it all back on once they were inside *sighs* Oh well, that may be why I found the place a tad laggy at times. Anyway – the people behind it has a blog – and they advice you make sure you join their group The Hottie Cooterati Experience for news and updates. Now – i just can’t wait for The Whore Couture to start!!