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Dirty Princess Angels!

Last night it was time for the sexiest show of the year – the Dirty Princess Fashion Show – a showcase for the iconic clothes & shoes, sexy lingerie and original mesh creations of designer Skyler Lebed. I was so thrilled to be invited to walk this show and be a Dirty Princess Angel – who just got her wings this year!

DP show 5

Here’s some postcards from the stage – just snapshots which was all I could do in risk of crashing. But it was really a show to remember and so unlike everything I have done before. So a totally new experience to me!

Dp show 8

Above is Skyler Lebed herself being saluted by her DP Angels.

Dp show 7


A Night to Remember

HBIC banner

July 12th H.B.I.C Productions hosted their first Annual Adult Black Tie Affair – an awards show for the SL adult community. The event itself was a glittering affair. And mister Coeur Noir and myself were honoured to be nominated for several awards for our movie  “Cirque Noir” and to be present at the spectacular event. The Black Tie Affair was put together by H.B.I.C’s Meg Corral – a one-woman wonder who is both a talented and famous actress, model and movie producer/director. She even designed and built this entire event sim without breaking as much as a nail – and man her talons are l o n g.  So it was with great joy I put together a small party collage of images from the evening – a way like to congratulate all the winners and fellow nominees and give Meg a high5 for putting together this awsome event.

Red Carpet Black Tie1

Mr. Noir and myself arriving on the red carpet. Who was I wearing? Well, the gown is from Junbug and the jewellery is from Devious Mind. Mister Noir’s tux? You will have to ask him I’m afraid 🙂

Collage 2

Here’s a pretty bouquet of celebrating starts: in the middle, Miss Meg Corral herself – (perv those nails – nailcam please!!) she’s so hot she makes smoking look healthy! And – you can read her coverage of the affair here. Then clockwise from top left is Anita Dark, dynamic duo and multiple award winner-couple Leannan and James Wolfgang, a very happy winner Dillon Lecker and award winning male pornstar, handsome  Larry Vinaver.

Collage 1

Top left is Damien Godard, top right, m3 Jonson and bottom left is Partee while bottom right is Mr. Coeur Noir. And at the center: smoking hawt RC Mel & Brookie.

Collage 3

Barbie on the left, Kayla Whittaker on the right and the man in the middle here is of course noone else but the awsome Mister Hard Rust, who was here to recieve the photography award on behalf of his wife, the very talented Spirit Demure-Rust. And below – since I am so self obsessed, here’s some more red carpet pics of your truly and mister Coeur Noir.

Black 17

Spectacular and fun evening – The Black Tie Affair.

Red carpet us

Posing for the paparazzi.

Black 16


The Sexiest Awards 2015

Oh we are so exited and honoured that our movie “Cirque Nuit” was nominated for several awards this year!

Sexiest 2015 b

Here’s Coeur Noir and me sharing a glass of champagne before heading off to the Sexiest Awards 2015 where Coeur Noir was nominated for best movie, best director and I was nominated as best actress. Ok so we didn’t win but still – I feel the nomination is a win in itself. And 3 new trophies for our mantlepiece!

Sexiest 2015 c 1

And we certainly did our best to clean up on the dancefloor at the after-party. All in all an awsome evening. And who knows – next time it might be our turn!

Sexiest 2015 a1


Spoiled Princess

Sunny 1

You know that feeling of pure selfishness that can be so utterly….divine? Well I am always ready to massage my ego in all the right places – and nothing does that better than shopping, buying something luxurious and insanely expensive like a bottle of champagne or a new designer outfit for my dog… Or even better – a pair of shoes that cost more than Daddy’s car. Oooh I LOVE that kind of spending!

Sunny 2

If you think a Master Card is just for your Daddy or Dom/Domme think again LOL – you can play with it too!! And if you’re caught, shopping bags in hand and Master Card between your teeth…. just show whomever wants to tan your ass how totally hot you look while lounging naked and slightly drunk with all your fresh purchases spread around you…

Sunny 3

Devious shopping fantasies never fails to make me hot…All I wore for this dream sequence was a sexy pair of pink “BUNNY” heels from Hypnose and a smile. The swanky pink lounger “Sunset Love Seat” plays 2 different love scenes – a total of 30 different animations without repeats and over 60 animations with facial expressions. This delight is from the fabulous Michigan’s Shack. The rest….is all me *smiles*

Showgirl Style!


Showgirl 6

OMG i was given these amazing stars – the pasties and murkin – by GLITZZ (Indulgence BDSM & KINK Fair) and I just love them. Perfect showgirl style I think! GLITZZ does lots of sexy lingerie with all the best applier systems, a candybox of delights I promise. The killer heels are from…yep you guessed right –  Risqué. They are so aptly named The Mistress Heels and come with a HUD th change both the front strap, the shoe itself and the platform. I am wearing them in my fave colour – bubblegum pink. So, if I walk around with a big smile on and very little else – except these lovely gifts now you know why. Oh and my feather bustle is part of an outfit from Vita’s Boudoir.

Showgirl 5


So why not channel that sexy Vegas chick in yourself and treat you to some glamorous goodies? Never underestimate the power of sprakle *winks* Have a great Monday!

Showgirl 1




Welcome to my boudoir…


LadyX 4R

Lady of the Manor.. in her corset and her pearls….looking out the window at the man tending the gardens outside….thinking mmmm what it would be like to have his grubby workman’s hands all over her wanton body. With this in mind she slowly sheds her clothes…OK, so this opulent boudoir furniture set (Lady X) really sets my mind racing…dammit if it doesn’t even make me a little poetic! Now…where’s that bottle of absinth and my quill…

LadyX 2R

The Canopy Royale Bed set is  Lady X’s special offer at their store at the upcomming Indulgence BDSM Fair, where it will be sold at a 50 % discount. (They will also release a superhot exclusive at the fair – an interrogation cell that I used for a little story this weekend and will blog a bit later this week – sssh, it’s a secret!). But back to the bedroom 🙂 – this Royal treat includes bed, nightstands, art, and, lamps, candles, chaise, drapes, telephone table with a darling Victorian telephone (no iphones allowed in this room thank you very much!), stack of books, room divider, fireplace an adorable rug with slippers!! Gawd did I forget anyting? Well, this 100% mesh deluxe set has over 600 animations, is Xcite and RLV-compatible, has ropes instead of chains for those lustful love scenes and – it is copy/mod. I would kiss designer Sophia Miasma for less than half of all this in one package. I am sure this room will be in a movie soon *winks*


And last, here’s an interesting note from the designer: To save prims – All non-animated products are mesh and can be linked together after positioning. Mesh behaves differently than regular prims and often when linked will yield lower land impact numbers. Now – for all you prim whores out there (like me) that’s great, right? So even those who haven’t got a massive estate manor to decorate may use this furniture or at least part of it to create their own idea of opulence. Just do NOT link any animated pieces ok, because then the animations won’t work – and ALWAYS save a copy of the original stuff in your inventory in case you mess up…before you get messy *winks* If you want to take a look at all the scrumptious designes at Lady X I have also included a LM for their mainstore, it is a treat I promise.



Partying the weekend away….

Elysion Route 66

I love going to parties at the weekend and especially at Club Elysion because they are the best! The owners build the most awsome party sets and always pick really cool themes. This weekend I believe the theme is dreams and PJs – and what makes the parties special is that the VIPs do dress up and go to great lenghts with theme-appropriate styling. Last weekend the theme was Route 66 and alternative hippies/bikers/sixties style. I opted for a pair of cutoff denims and a fringe top and a huge afro – so yep alternative/hippie was perfect for me while my date Mr. Coeur Nuit wore his leathers, engineer boots and a bandana – more or less his regular look anyway so perfect for him.

Elysion Route 66 2

Here I’m barefoot at home before tp’ing to Elysion channeling my inner Woodstock goddess. The expression “groovy” comes to mind….

Elysion Route 66 3

So I get a little drunk and a little sentimental at sad songs….

Elysion Route 66 4

And at the after party we continued to dance at our own private beach only lit by floating water lanterns… and we skinnydipped in the cool ocean…. so romantic….

Elysion Route 66 5

….before getting a bit philosophical – or maybe just very VERY drunk – ….and ending up falling asleep on the pier naked until the sun and birdsong woke me up on Sunday morning. A perfect weekend…<3

Elysion Route 66 6