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Welcome to my boudoir…


LadyX 4R

Lady of the Manor.. in her corset and her pearls….looking out the window at the man tending the gardens outside….thinking mmmm what it would be like to have his grubby workman’s hands all over her wanton body. With this in mind she slowly sheds her clothes…OK, so this opulent boudoir furniture set (Lady X) really sets my mind racing…dammit if it doesn’t even make me a little poetic! Now…where’s that bottle of absinth and my quill…

LadyX 2R

The Canopy Royale Bed set is  Lady X’s special offer at their store at the upcomming Indulgence BDSM Fair, where it will be sold at a 50 % discount. (They will also release a superhot exclusive at the fair – an interrogation cell that I used for a little story this weekend and will blog a bit later this week – sssh, it’s a secret!). But back to the bedroom 🙂 – this Royal treat includes bed, nightstands, art, and, lamps, candles, chaise, drapes, telephone table with a darling Victorian telephone (no iphones allowed in this room thank you very much!), stack of books, room divider, fireplace an adorable rug with slippers!! Gawd did I forget anyting? Well, this 100% mesh deluxe set has over 600 animations, is Xcite and RLV-compatible, has ropes instead of chains for those lustful love scenes and – it is copy/mod. I would kiss designer Sophia Miasma for less than half of all this in one package. I am sure this room will be in a movie soon *winks*


And last, here’s an interesting note from the designer: To save prims – All non-animated products are mesh and can be linked together after positioning. Mesh behaves differently than regular prims and often when linked will yield lower land impact numbers. Now – for all you prim whores out there (like me) that’s great, right? So even those who haven’t got a massive estate manor to decorate may use this furniture or at least part of it to create their own idea of opulence. Just do NOT link any animated pieces ok, because then the animations won’t work – and ALWAYS save a copy of the original stuff in your inventory in case you mess up…before you get messy *winks* If you want to take a look at all the scrumptious designes at Lady X I have also included a LM for their mainstore, it is a treat I promise.