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Spoiled Princess

Sunny 1

You know that feeling of pure selfishness that can be so utterly….divine? Well I am always ready to massage my ego in all the right places – and nothing does that better than shopping, buying something luxurious and insanely expensive like a bottle of champagne or a new designer outfit for my dog… Or even better – a pair of shoes that cost more than Daddy’s car. Oooh I LOVE that kind of spending!

Sunny 2

If you think a Master Card is just for your Daddy or Dom/Domme think again LOL – you can play with it too!! And if you’re caught, shopping bags in hand and Master Card between your teeth…. just show whomever wants to tan your ass how totally hot you look while lounging naked and slightly drunk with all your fresh purchases spread around you…

Sunny 3

Devious shopping fantasies never fails to make me hot…All I wore for this dream sequence was a sexy pair of pink “BUNNY” heels from Hypnose and a smile. The swanky pink lounger “Sunset Love Seat” plays 2 different love scenes – a total of 30 different animations without repeats and over 60 animations with facial expressions. This delight is from the fabulous Michigan’s Shack. The rest….is all me *smiles*


Scary Monsters & Happy Halloween!

Party Opening

Just thought I’d post some pics from last weeks Halloween party at Club Elysion – so many awsome costumes! I really love when people puts some serious effort into dressing up when it is a costume party. And the Elysion crew are brillinat at this – that’s why theres never any shortage of costume balls there. I love that! For someone who spends majority of her working hours naked or dressed in little more than heels and body oil a costume party is a great way to relax and have fun. So feast your eyes on these photos and grab inspiration for the comming weekend – do check out Elysion’s website because every weekend there it’s a costume ball (remember it’s a members only club, but you can purchase membership at the entry gates). There’s also at least 3 days of Halloween fun at Twisted Orchid BDSM Club – with “Who’s afraid of the big bad wolf ” with DJ Maric today starting at 10 am SLT, and then a naughty event after with DJ Babygirl Diavolo spinning the tunes and as usual a stage full of hot sexy girls taking it all off for you. Tomorrow it’s time for Twisted Orchid’s  Grotesque Burlesque and Insane Asylum on Sunday! If this isn’t enough spooky stuff for you, I can tell you that  from now on the TO’s Carrie’s Lingerie event has been changed to a Fetish Ball as a regular event on Sundays starting at 10 am SLT. I do hope you will come down this weekend and get me naked! ❤

Party A with pumpkinsParty B with pumpkinsParty c with pumpkins

Here comes the night…

Slaves 2a

After night number 6 of hardly any sleep I am beginning to see how sleep-deprivation can make you mad. I haven’t slept simply because I have been sick and not dared lay down because I have had visions of never getting back up – so dozing in a half upright position and perhaps slipping off for half an hour or an hour tops nightly has become my new normal. The physical strain is not ideal, but this extreme insomnia’s been interesting in it’s own twisted way and if anything it’s given me the opportunity to see a lot of  trashy TV-programs that I never would have seen otherwise (nasty talkshow-repeats, highly unethical cop-shows, documentaries like “I never knew I had married a serial killer” and anything Chuck Norris). Insomnia has also fuelled my mind with loads of awake-dreams, or maybe they are just feverish visions? I don’t know. But dozing to find out you have entered worlds in your own messed up mind that sets your entire body on fire is quite a sensation. Yes, I am talking “turned on” 🙂

Sleepless nights

These last few nights I have woken in stages of excitement after dreaming ….of slave markets, of gorgeous yet mean Mistresses and devilish Masters bartering over the prices of sweet young ass…. of life in a cage, eating dinner from a dog bowl and crawling to kiss exquisite leather boots…. of selling myself to strangers in dark alleyways… of naked bodies writing on the floor in strange rooms and the sound of voices, loving but strict whispering commands…the sounds of whips and paddles, of palms against naked flesh and cries of pleasure – my own? I don’t know. Am I going mad? Well if this is insanity it’s a lot cooler than it’s reputation, as it paints stories in my head that I know I am going to have to write down soon as I am well enough to work. If I can only remember….so that’s why I sat down to write this post, to force myself to remember even if it takes a lot more strength than I can muster right now…. Anyway, here comes the night again… *kissess*


My Fetish Diary: G for gangbang

G for geisha

– Hello sailor, I say and winks at the one passing by my corner. He is young, most likely a virgin and out on his first leave with his mates and money to spend….He stops and looks at me, and blushes innocently as I stick my tongue out and rotate it obcenely without dropping the cigarette that dangles from my painted lips.

– Wanna have a good time? I whisper, and smile like a girl who’s never been kissed. And now I know he’s mine.  He takes my hand and lets me lead him to a temple of kinks as yet unknown to him. His buddies shouts out words of encouragement but their voices gets more distant as I  lead him down the dimly lit corridor, a labyrinth of sin leading to hidden pleasures of the flesh.  The air is heavy with opium smoke… we pass a long line of rooms, the inhabitants only shielded by beaded curtains that hang in front of open doors. Loud moans of pleasure can be heard, men growling as girls are begging to be taken hard…harder… and strangled sounds of lips forced to suck…

Summertime Hottie Suger Vegas 1

I take him to my chamber where a group of 6-7 men his age awaits….They are already naked or in different stages of undress and I tell him to remove his clothing which he does, quite obligingly….I let him take me while the others wait their turn. I am overwhelmed, a little scared and very turned on. their naked torsos, broad shoulders, powerful arms, strong greedy hands…the hands that are upon me now are the hands of all the lovers I have never had but always craved…. Each are opening up parts of me that has yet to be touched and I gasp with pleasure as the swell of excitement rushes through me. Over and over. And over again.

Summertime Hottie Suger Vegas 2


These photos were originally taken as part of The Hotties summer challenge – I was so lucky to be added to The Hotties – a group of amazingly gorgeous girls/adult entertainers and models in Second Life – this summer and must say I am very proud of that. Thank you so much Hotties for inviting me in :D. The challenge of the summer shoot was to capture the essence of summer without doing a classic bikini & beach-shoot. So I climed down the murkiest corridors of my mind, imagined myself outside a brothel in Gion – not with real geishas but some place where hardcore prostitutes works hard to lure gullible tourists with sex and cheap geisha imagery. To give these photos a little longer lifespan I wrote a small snippet of a story to them, so hopefully you can enjoy them just a little more when you know what’s going on in my mind here. Happy reading! Oh and do check out the Hotties blog and all the sexy girlies here.

The sexy red latex is from Immershoen Latex Fashion

The hair is from Tukinowaguma

The killer footwear was bought at a RP Fair and are from PixiCat.




Talk Dirty To Me: Coeur Noir

Coeur Noir press photo 1

OK today I am doing some blatant self-promotion because the XXX-rated movie “Cirque Nuit” where I have a leading part has just been released and I am talking to the man behind it all Mr. Coeur Noir. Not only am I hoping this will score me more movie parts LOL but it’s not often I get to pick the brain of someone as creative as this guy. If you still haven’t seen the movie I strongly suggest you treat yourself to watching this baby. Make sure you get naked first tho *winks* because it is kinda steamy. So – I took my clothes off for this TDTM-interview and set up a meeting for us at the pool at the awsome Club Elysion because I knew that would turn up the heat and make him get his kit off too. Well, a girl’s gotta take some initiative right? So I present to you all: Mister clown porn himself – director Coeur Noir.

Sugar: – Oh Mr. Noir it’s so good to see you especially naked! Congratz on the release of your new movie – “Cirque Nuit” – or night circus – how does it feel to finally show it to the world?

Coeur Noir: – It feels good. Not unlike giving birth I expect. I’ve been pregnant with this particular story for quite some time now. so to have it out of me feels very good.

Sugar: –  Hm you sure gained your figure back quick after this long pregnancy *giggles*. I know the circus in your new movie is NOTHING like the circuses I’ve ever been to. What exactly is a night circus and where did the idea of nasty carnies and clown-whores come from?

Coeur Noir: – Well you can think of the Night Circus as a place where your dreams can play. As for where it comes from I have no idea. One day I woke up and said “Clown Porn!” Three years later here we are.

Sugar: – Oooh yes, I have been cumming confetti ever since! Have you had any dirty clown experiences yourself?

Coeur Noir: – No can’t say that I have. Outside of a 5 year old being caught surprised by a large elderly neighbor lady with a slight penchant to cake on the make up, I can’t recall any scary incidents with clowns. But I know a lot of people are scared of them. I think Tim Curry, playing Pennywise, from the movie IT, may have more then a small part on the forming of those fears.

Sugar: –  As you can see I am conducting this interview naked, how hard is it for you to concentrate right now?

Coeur Noir: – Huh? what? Interview? Oh yes. Interview. Um…. err… I will say that you are being very unfair. How’s a man supposed concentrate with those momma’s starting at him?

Location snaps 2

(At this point I poised myself to my best advantage of course and blushed – a technique I picked up in acting class. And spread out some snapshots taken on location for you to drool over)

Sugar: –  A lot of people have asked me how a novice like me landed the leading part in “Cirque Nuit”. I tell them it was my method acting. You would probably say its the way I give head. But what advice would you give to budding actors and actresses looking for movie parts?

Coeur Noir: – Who ya askin? Years pass between my releases. I got no freakin’ clue. Well that’s not true. I made “So You Wanna Be A Pornstar?” for a girl named Claire because she asked me at the exact right time. So asking someone to make a movie with them has worked at least once. Ask me again once we get rolling with productions.

Sugar: –  Ooh you bet! Now – we all know genitals are cool, but if the brain is one of our biggest sexual organs it needs stimulation too right? And often words are as powerful as the mighty vibrator. What’s the hottest thing you have ever heard anyone say in a porno?

Coeur Noir: – “It was one of those hot nights. I found it difficult to sleep.”

Sugar: –  OK now you made me blush for real, see even my ass is red! (composes myself somewhat) So where were we? Oh yes the brain….hehe, we need to feed the brain. But some would say intellectualizing pornography is gonna lead to a lot of limp dicks though, where would you draw the line?

Coeur Noir: – I am unsure spending time thinking about sexuality has any use at all. I think sex is for wallowing in rather then thinking about.

Location snaps

Sugar: –  Oh yes wallowing is my speciality! What is most important to you as a director when you are casting for a dirty movie – is it how you look or is it the actor/actress’ diction – like how you moan “oooh you’re soooo big”?

Coeur Noir: – Looks by far at this point. I’ve just started working with producing audio and haven’t really come up with any firm solutions on how to generate it at a specified quality consistently. As time goes on I think audio will become more important in my productions but I think no matter what the Look will always be the primary desired characteristic.

Sugar: – What would you say is your signature style as a director?

Coeur Noir: – I don’t think I have a style to be honest. I don’t think I have made enough movies to develop a style. Prolific is not a word I would use to describe my contributions to the SL-porn community. So I guess Kubrikian would be an accurate description for now in that Kubrick went years between releases. I mean to correct that. I think whats common in the movies I have done in the past is uncompromising quality. The product has to look good to me or it doesn’t go out. So whatever style I do end up developing I hope that the drive for visual quality will always be the same. I see zero reason that porno should not look the best it possibly can.

Sugar: –  Oooh prolific – I just LOVE it when you talk so dirty to me I have to look it up in the dictionary! *shivers* Now there’s something I have been wanting to ask you for a long time: you are reputed to be a master of filthy fuckery – is there something Coeur Noir would not do on film?

Coeur Noir: -: You know that’s an interesting question that I have asked myself. What won’t I do? I don’t know. I more then likely wouldn’t do the Dolcett stuff. I think that stuff is too dark even for me. But could I make movies about subjects that hold little or no sexual interest to me? Could I do a Femdom movie? A gay movie? Dog and cat interspecies rape? I think I could. It will be very interesting to find out what I wont do.

Sugar: –  And if i asked you very nicely – would you concider doing a series of spanking movies?

Coeur Noir: – Oh absolutely. When do you want to get started?

(Here I am biting my fist not to yell YESSSSS!!!! – and then pretend I am taking notes like crazy…because getting paid for getting spanked??? Wow and it’s not even Xmas yet!)

Sugar: –  Normally pornos don’t have too much of a storyline – its usually some guy – a pizza delivery man or a plumber – who knocks on the door of some lonely and scantily clad houswife. And before you know it he’s checking the  pipes – and i don’t mean the ones in the bathroom *giggles. And nothing wrong with that as long as the action is hot *grins* Yet – you chose to do a full storyline for “Cirque Nuit” – why?

Coeur Noir: –  Well I consider myself a writer first and foremost. So for me everything is about story anyway. Secondly the Revolution of Porn started when I was still teenager and all the porn then was story based. Most stories were really simple too, as you have pointed out. The story’s purpose was to set up the fucking and the faster the producers could get to the fucking the better. But for me I liked the build and release possibilities you could get from a good story being told well. I always thought there could be great story and great sex in the same production. I had two movies as a younger consumer of porn that were very influential on me as a film maker, “The Punishment of Anne” and “New Wave Hookers“. Those two, to me, were about as good as the genre was going to produce and I have been trying to equal the standard I took from both movies since. In fact, it’s been a while since I have watched “New Wave Hookers”, but I think the whole Clown Porn idea may have been planted by that movie. I just remember always laughing my ass off when I saw a clown fucking someone.

Sugar: –  But some would say porn is for getting off – can you combine Shakespeare and shagging and hope for release?

Coeur Noir: –  Yea I do think so. Maybe not Shakespeare. But Jackie Collins? Absolutely. The problem is today porn seems to be a bit of a throwaway thing, maybe even a shameful thing. It certainly isn’t taken seriously nor are the people who make it. It’s just for getting off. Well lets apply that standard to other aspects of our lives. Let’s apply this standard to diet. Food is for eating. Why bother going to the trouble in preparation and presentation when we can just shove it in our mouths, chew and be done with it? Food would be very boring like that. That’s what I think of porn in the RL. It’s all bland and boring and it all looks the same. Some guy fucking some girl with bruises or bullet holes over and over until he busts a nut on her face. That’s hot for maybe the first two views. How many times can you see a cock plunge in and out of an asshole? I mean seriously. How many times? Human sexuality is so diverse it’s gotta be dying for some kind of contrast and maybe even a little content. Myth is very important to human beings. We relate so much to various narratives. I see no reason our Erotic Arts shouldn’t carry some shreds of narrative structure. Otherwise all we are really doing is watching other people fuck.

Coeur Noir press photo 4a

(OK I’m not gonna tell how many times I could watch a cock plunge in and out of an asshole, that will be my secret hehe. Oh and the picture above was taken at the Crazy Whore Burlesque Club at the Dirty Princess sim)

Sugar: –  OK now before I watch “Cirque Nuit” for maybe the 500th time this weekend – what are your plans for the future?

Coeur Noir: –  You mentioned something about spanking movies didn’t you? Ask me again after we get them done.

Sugar: –  Oh you can bet on that! And thank you so much for taking the time to do this interview with me. And dear readers – go spank this link to watch “Cirque Nuit” now. Let me all know what you think about it and by all means leave comments on the movie, these directors work hard and some looove is appreciated.  Oh and – bring tissues, you’re gonna need them :))

❤ SugarVegas


Happy New Year!

Twisted Orchid 1

Sometimes life just takes  you by surprise, like when someone you have known for a little while turns into become a wonderful friend. I have known Mistress Kianna for a while from Twisted Orchid BDSM Club where I work (you can see me on stage at the club along with the lovelies PonygirlJessica (left) and babygirlrachel (right) in the random snapshot above). Miss Kianna visits the club from time to time along with her pet Amber and is always very nice – and a treat to dance for  as well as look at I must add. But the other day I discovered She has a blog – Kianna’s Lifestyle – where She offers a unique and very interesting insight into the mind of a Dominant woman.  Was I thrilled or what! It’s like getting a chance to peek into someone else’s mind and someone you admire at that – so I felt really smug about that. So thank you Miss Kianna for being you, and for the lovely giftie I recieved the other day as well.  And people, the Woman can write. So go to Her blog, read it, leave a comment and help Her make the blogsphere more interesting because Her blog is a great addition to it. It will be my recommended read for the week and that brings me to my next subject: 2014.

I am not so good at new year resolutions as I tend to break them first week of the year. But I am committed to making this blog less random and more concistent and so I am introducing some new posts that will be regular features on here. And first is Recommended read. I will recommend a book, magazine or a blog at least monthly, because when one finds something interesting one should share.

New on the bloggy for 2014 is also a spanking new interview series titled: Talk Dirty To Me.  The TDTM-interview is loosely inspired by BBC’s Hard Talk – I was always a huge fan of Tim Sebastian and the way he conducted the most intense interviews under that title. And – quite humbly I must emphazise – I was pondering how I could  possibly make a fetishy, sexy spin on the same idea – an interview that delves deeply into someone else’s privat world and thoughts – ho-hum! Not an easy task, non? Well – I know a lot of kinky folks and I can come up with some wicked questions so that gave birth to the TDTM idea. It will start first week of January and feature every month. Hopefully it will make for racy and entertaining reads as well as insightsful journeys into other peoples minds not just mine  – which will be a relief for both you and me now and again lol.

Ooh I will most definately be making more movies in 2014, that’s a definate and a promise. Also – I am bringing back my FFOAB = Fetish Fashion On A Budget-column. And the Fetish Diary will continue and take on a special form, which I will explain later (there is a surprise involved – yay.) Also – I love hearing from you guys and if you have ideas, musings or anything you’d love to see on here do let me know – you can drop me an email: Don’t be shy – come forward, I only bite when I get too excited!

Happy New Year to you all!

Finally: Black Sheets Magazine out!


Many have been waiting for this and well finally it’s here: The BDSM Magazine Black Sheets – had their releaseparty last Sunday so I am a bit slow but I have felt exceedingly lazy this last week, sorry.

Anyway – the mag looks fab and you can either go and pick up a copy at the BDSM Central or you can read it online here.

Black Sheets is an art and literary magazine  featuring a great variety of articles and high quality photograps. In the new issue you can meet some of the fiercest Dommes in SL, see a gorgeous trubute to some of the most notorious fetish photographers and read features about BDSM Lifestyle, kinky fashion and interesting residents. Oh – and don’t forget to read my piece on Twisted Orchid – the best BDSM club in SL – yay – with interviews with both Goddess Kailani Ling and the lovely Jennifer Melody. Could it be better? I think NOT.

And – if you have time today at 10AM SLT – I will be on stage at Twisted Orchids “Latex Bizarre Circus”-event – so be there!

And while you drool and count the hours…here’s a photo of the lovely Kristayn and myself on the club’s stage. You can see more of the lovely Kristayn and some of the other awsome Twisted Dancers in the new edition of Black Sheets Magazine so go grab a copy now and indulge with your Saturday morning coffee!

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